What kind of hairstyles do girls like in guys?

Give me some hairstyles please. I'm really curious about this one.


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  • I say a nice fade you know faded out on the sides nice on top I love that=]

  • Okay. let's start with the hair I DON'T like on guys. I don't like the buzz cut/really short hair. I don't like when guys spike their hair or when they put gel and stuff in it. I don't like when guys part their hair (ew). I don't like when a guy has his hair slicked/pulled back. I don't like dirty/greasy/grimy hair. I don't like too long of hair on guys. Even shoulder length is way too long.

    I like the shaggy hair style. Keep it clean but just kinda let it do it's own thing. Leave some hair down in the front. (not in your eyes like the "emo" thing, but some, I guess youd call it bangs, are nice. That makes it easy on guys huh? ha

  • Depends on the guy, and his face shape. If he has a narrow shaped face, then shorter hair that can be spiked looks good. But if his face is a little fuller, then longer shaggier hair looks best, in my opinion. Now, that being said, I've always preferred guys with kind of shaggy hair, a little bit of length. I'm not entirely sure why, I just have. As long as they do something with it, and it looks like it has at least been combed in the morning, then it's a good thing.

    For examples of what I mean, think Robert Pattinson in "Twilight" for shaggy hair, and Hugh Laurie in "House" for shorter hair.

    Hope this helps.

  • i agreee with evolution86! if you have a small thin face, with nice jawlines, like the squared jawlines, I like spiked hair with some sideburns, and if you have a fuller rounder face, long shaggy hair is also extremely sexy, just like edward cullen!

  • you could do short and clean, spike it, faux hawk it, grow it out and wear it shaggy, messy

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  • I just changed my hairstyle to faux-hawk and I've had compliments on it from girls.

  • I'm not a girl but I have had girlfriends who love my hair and its help me a lot, one time a women even pick me out of a bus stop and straight gave me her number without me even asking for it lol