What kind of hairstyles do girls like in guys?

Give me some hairstyles please. I'm really curious about this one.


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    • Almost all of these are SO gay!

      haha xD

      Only Jude Law is...an ok looking dude from all of these...

    • Nevermind, you don't know him.

    • Wow, links 2,3, and 9 look like a kid named Nick L'Heureux... know him?

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  • Shane Dawson hair, but dyed red, or purple, no, RAINBOW!

  • Shortish and Red(;

  • Cute, shaggy hair :)

  • fauxhawk all day every day : )

  • Long skater hair. Shaggy/wavy. Blonde or brown hair is hot.

  • short and spiked

  • I like guys hairstyles would be skateboard, Oliver James hair style looks, and asian hairstyle.

  • Shaggy hair! =]

  • you could do short and clean, spike it, faux hawk it, grow it out and wear it shaggy, messy

  • messed up

  • wavy and messed up, or no hair at all would look hot

  • regal looking..wavy and brushed back or buzzed with a crown.

  • emo, black, long, wind blown, covers eyes, that is COMPLETELY SEEEXXXYYY! that's me, but I no tuns of girls who love that

  • I ususally LOVE the emo/scene hair on guys.

    But ususally it depends on your face and personality.

    Like short hair with a fohawk or something can be absolutely adorable if your face shape suits it.

  • Zomg, emo hair emo hair emo hair!


    Google it. Usually it's cut with long side swept bangs coverin one eye. It looks good dyed black but you can have it whatever color you want, it looks good with natural hair colors too. =)

  • I love it when guys have long spiked hair. It looks so cool. I also like it when guys have short spikey hair that looks kind of messy, like where the spikes are going in different directions all over the place. Lols. I have to say, I'm also into emo hair on guys, but yeah, that's not for everyone...

  • omg anything but the "skater scene" hair... ew

  • it depends on the actual auy. I <3 rob pattinsons hair before he had it cut, haha, but that suited him and it probably wouldn't suit lots of other guys. if the hair suits the guy then that's all the matters

  • jenson ackles has a really hot semi crew cut/ spikey look I adore.

    um, anything short

    i do like some of the crazy asian styles for guys like the one look with spiked up hair with it all dyed white/ blue. it's hot. I'de love my prospective boyfriend to sport that look ^_^

  • i loooove the fauxhawk...thats like the hottest thing you can do.

    • Gosh same!

    • This is hott too I think its super cute when a little baby boy has it like his daddy aww :)

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  • I'm not a girl but I have had girlfriends who love my hair and its help me a lot, one time a women even pick me out of a bus stop and straight gave me her number without me even asking for it lol

  • I just changed my hairstyle to faux-hawk and I've had compliments on it from girls.

    • Yeah the faux-hawk usually works for most guys. Looks good.