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Pippa Middleton Slammed by Karl Lagerfeld?

For fashion fans (guys and girls alike)... Karl Lagerfeld recently publicly slammed Pippa Middleton saying he didn't like her face. What do you... Show More

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  • I honestly never understood the hype around her.. Everyone knows that in fashion world people can be very mean, but brutally honest as well. they live in a dog eat dog world. She is an average looking woman




What Guys Said 9

  • Meh, I'd publicly slam Pippa Middleton too.

  • She looked beautiful at her sister's wedding, and since then she's looked like a fairly normal, slightly more attractive than average, woman. He's right that she's not supermodel material, but the fact that he actually said it just shows he's a shameless attention whore.

  • Karl Lagerfeld is just like any other hot shot in the fashion industry: an ugly old f*** that orgasms if they get the chance to tell a beautiful person that he or she is not good enough. Who cares what those designers think? They make dresses that nobody can ever wear as opposed to Pippa, who can get away with wearing a garbage bag.

  • please. she's an average looking girl. if you would see her without a makeup it would probably be a disaster.

    i don't know what's this fuss all about. nothing special at all.

  • Sounds like 4th grade bullsh*t to me. What do you think?

  • I think she always looks great.

  • She's pretty and has a nice face. I think her sister is better looking and pippa does not have the best face, but it is a nice, solid face. I would hit that link

    • What do you think?

  • I would love to slam Pippa Middleton in my bed.

What Girls Said 11

  • "“Kate Middleton has a nice silhouette and she is the right girl for that boy, but on the other hand,” Lagerfeld continued, “I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back.""

    IDK that's sorta harsh. There's a nice and mean way of something and I think he picked the mean route. I mean why even comment on that openly. To criticize someone like that is not classy. Either way I do not find her as attractive as her sister and at some point did feel she was slightly "overrated" but still, I wouldn't nearly go as far as saying she should only show her back.

  • Pippa's not the prettiest. She looked nice at the wedding, but for the life of me, I can't see what everyone is making a big deal about. Kate is a billion time sprettier.

  • Lol I wouldn't say I don't like her face but it doesn't really stand out to me.

  • I don't think it was neccessay to say it and I don't know in what context he said it. But he is a legend so it won't hurt him for saying it. But at the same time I think a 74 year old man would have a tad more sense and not say stuff like. But Karl Lagerfeldt isn't known for being the kindest person in the world. He is a bitchonista.

  • I agree, Pippa Middleton is average looking at best. As for whether it was wrong or right of him to say that well... it's Karl Lagerfeld, what did you expect!

  • Ugh... he's such a catty bitch and a HUGE hypocrite. It's disgusting that you need to bring attention to yourself by knocking someone else down. Some people love that drama, man.

    Just a few months ago he was calling Adele fat when he himself use to weigh 100+ pounds more than he does now. Way to call someone fat when you were practically eating your models a month ago.

    • "Way to call someone fat when you were practically eating your models a month ago." haha!

    • Lol, he was!

  • He is SO right, she looks old!

  • That was kind of funny but mean

  • She's honestly not that pretty and I never understood the hype behind her butt...you couldn't even really see it in her dress

    But Karl Lagerfeld talks sh*t about everyone and then apologizes. Don't think he'll be getting any love from Kate or the rest of the royal family

  • Wow I gues even the riches get put on blast

  • It was pretty alsome

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