New haircut ideas?

I have a hair appointment for next week and I want to do something a little different that might get me some more attention. Right now it is a light dirty blonde (naturally and I want it to stay that way but I wouldn't mind a little change). My hair is naturally straight and very thin. It is very hard to style. It is below my shoulders by a few inches and I HATE short hair. It is very plain with a few light layers framing my face. My face is ovalish (I guess). I also have green eyes (if that makes a difference).


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  • I'm in a similar position-i have had a hair disaster and am going to the hairdresser and I want a new colour and style. I suggest buying some hair mags (I have 3 at the mo and they are quite helpful lol) and you could maybe have more layers put in (I have really fine straight hair too and I'm gonna have layers in to make it a bit more interesting). You could have it feathered aswell. Maybe have a full fringe or side fringe or grow out a fringe if you have one. Maybe ask the hairdresser about a slight colour change and good luck :)

  • You don't like how your hair is straight, very thin, and plain. Try volumizing it. Do you like curly hair? Are you ok with side bangs? A nice hair colour is chocolate brown and it's a trend these days, but if you're not into it don't get it.