Do you think that your body would recognize the person you're looking for before your mind?

Like the question says, would you think that your body would know before your conscious mind would? I was highly aroused (was hard for 30 mins) by this girl that I saw who looked similar to a girl that I had been trying to find since November. It may or may have not been her, but couldn't be certain because I hadn't seen her for months.

Has anyone else experienced something like this, where your body reacted before your conscious mind did?


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  • That just means that you are physically attracted to her and you find her attractive. It could also mean that you have chemistry for the person but it doesn't mean that fate is telling you that you were meant to be with that person or anything. That's basically lust. You weren't sent a signal from above or anything that this is the person you are going to marry. You were just attracted to her.


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  • it could just be your attraction to her manifesting itself through your body...but my heart starts to race wildly when I even think about a particular someone...i think it is fairly common.

  • i think so. this one guy , when I was 18, just thinking about him would make my heart start pounding something fierce.

    we stopped talking

    and when I would see him, I'd get wet.

    and we never even had sex.


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  • yeah I think I have had a similar type of thing happen o me I will explain more if you want