What does it mean when he looks deep into my eyes when we make love?

Ok so I have hooked up with the guy from my previous question... To recap.. Started as friends, knew each other for 9 months before getting together and have been together for a month.. During that 9 months, he was with his ex. He never cheated..Ever.. I told him how I felt and he said that he was... Show More

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  • I don't think it means he loves you, but it is a good sign if he stares into your eyes. There's nothing better than staring into my fiance's eyes when I come or she cums. So intense. Maybe it's just a huge turn on for him.

    • So it's a possibility that you are not in love with your fiance?

      I don't get how your first statement says:

      " I don't think it means he loves you, but it is a good sign if he stares into your eyes"

      Then you go on to say that you do that to your fiance when you "come"...So do you love her orrrr...?

      Im sorry, I just feel that once you are engaged that sex between you & your partner is much more value, you can't just right away compare it to a action between someone that you say you don't think loves her

    • Usually, the first few times guys/girls have sex, they are not in love. So, if he's staring deep into your eyes, then it's probably not love, but more like lust. It's intense. Of course I love my fiance', and yes, it is very valuable to me. I'm saying, a guy/girl CAN stare deep into each others eyes WITHOUT being in love with each other, that's all I'm saying. Don't assume that just because he's staring into your eyes, it automatically means he loves you. That's all I meant.