Girl I like is an inch taller than me, will she say no?

okay there is this girl I really like who I've known for months now, and she is an inch taller than me, I am worried that she will be like most women and want someone who is 6 foot or more to be with her. I am 5'7 and she is 5'8. But I go to the gym regularly and I am stocky and I have pecs and my arms are getting bigger, so I am hoping that my lack of stature will make up for it. we get along very well and we play fight a lot and I make her laugh a lot and we are going to have lunch together, but only has friends, because I didn't want to make it obvious that I like her, because it might freak her out. I just hope that height shouldn't mean anything in a relationship because it sound very nit picky when girls want tall guys, not every girl will end up with a tall guy and not every girl will end up with a guy who looks like he came from an underwear catalog, and vice versa for males, not every guy will have a trophy blond who wears a miniskirt and has large 'assets'. The girl I like is anything but that. and unconditional love should have nothing with height in the first place, so in all honesty will my confidence be a good work around, because so far I am doing well.


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What Girls Said 1

  • if you don't ask her, then your chance is zero. be free to ask, at least you won't regret :)

    • if he doesn't ask her then his chances of rejection are 0 too, just sayin

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  • I have a novel idea, ask her out!