Why do I look like my aunt?

I do look like my mother more than my dad... I only have gotten my dads hair and eyebrows. However, every time I visit my moms side of the family and other people come to meet up with us, the majority of them say I look like my aunt. *My mothers sister* I always found it wierd... I cannot see the resemblance. Her daughter apparently looks exactly like my mother... I don't see it either lol... is this weird?


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  • Its not at all weird, its genetical.. its all about genes.

    your aunt looks like your mother in a certain way and you are saying you look like your aunt so indirectly you look like your mother.. it's all related to each other. nothings weird in this. so seriously no worries.


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  • I don't look that much like my parents either, I look very much like my grandmothers sister as I have heard (though I have not met her yet). It seems to be quite normal, actually.

  • Because your aunt came from you grandparents so you came from them too. genetics...


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