What is normal sized skirts or shorts for a girl to wear?

Okay Ladies. I'm a old fashioned guy. I like a good girl who is bad just for me.

So say I have a girlfriend, what length of skirt would you think is normal like she's wearing just to wear it and not attract attention from other guys.

I'm not really worried but from past experience I can be rather oblivious to the "signs" of a who just can't stick to one guys.

She hates the way she looks and says she is ugly and fat in all the pictures she uploads.
And how do I know if a girl is seeking attention based on what she wears?


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  • About 2-3 inches past finger tips. Just for you? 2-3 inches above. lol

    • Her excuse is that its "mid-thighs" or something. I don't know skirts myself. But they are 2-3 inches above... when I'm not around. Should I be okay with this?

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    • She always says she hates the way she looks. And is depressed over it. And she used to wear like long pants and stuff. And in every pic she posts she writes something like "Ugh I'm so ugly <3" I'm asking everyone else because I'm not sure what's normal with girls. or what I should be worried about or not. When I talk to her she just says "okay I won't wear it" but then she does.

    • Wow. That is some frustrating behavior, and I guess I see why you asked. She hates how she looks but wears short skirts? You know, that might be contributing to her low self esteem issues... Just compliment her a lot, no matter how she looks. Might help, lol sorry. I guess I've never had this problem... Good luck :)


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  • She could be getting dressed up to getYOUR attention and to make every other guy jealous of YOU. Not to get in any ones pants or cheat. If you can see her ass when she bends over, thatis Just inappropriate. My boyfriend and I test that with all of my skirts and dresses I they are short

  • Ummm just right above the knee? If she's wearing a skirt, especially if she's attractive, most likely she's going to attract attention regardless.

  • I usually get skirts in medium

  • A size 10

  • Size 7


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