Why am I attracted to "ugly" guys?

I really hate to use the word ugly, because I don't think these guys are ugly at all. But most girls would consider them "ugly"

But it's really weird, I'm never attracted to the "hot" guys that most girls crush over ex Taylor Lautner etc. I mean, I guess they have nice faces and bodies, but they are just not attractive to me. But there are so many "ugly" guys that are hot and sexy to me, and when I tell other girls, they're usually like, "Are you kidding? That guy is so ugly!"

So I was just wondering if there is anyone else like this? Is it just that ugly people are attracted to other ugly people?

Someone wanted an example so here is a guy that I think is hot:

I can't post a link because I'm not level 4, so just put this into Youtube search

Disfiguring the Goddess -"Sleeper" VOCAL COVER video is by CountBlagorath

( I am the one who left that comment if you couldn't already tell)


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  • That guy doesn't look ugly to me. But I guess it's because I'm more liberal when it comes to appearances. I think he's average and has that metalhead look. The reason your friends don't find him attractive is because he doesn't conform to mainstream standards of male attractiveness. He doesn't have an ivy league cut, doesn't shave, and doesn't wear hollister.

    • You're right! I'm just not into the "ivy league cut" look. And I like metal, so makes sense I would like those type of guys.

    • I used to be into Cannibal Corpse and had the metal-head look going on too, but I had to cut my hair and shave to get my current job. Also, I wanted to look more attractive to MORE women, not just the minorities that were into metal-heads.

    • Oh, that's too bad :/ but I guess it's good if you want to be attractive to more women. And Cannibal Corpse is a good band!

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  • What? Taylor Laughter looks like an alpaca last time I checked!

    That's a pretty neat trait you have there. I don't know why those girls would tell you that. They're not cool, you should be with people more like yourself :)

    (Hey, I'm attracted to what "Those people" consider ugly too! It's not just you."

    I like you. We should be friends.

    • Can you show us the type of people you like with pictures of them, please?

    • Ok, I put an example in the description. And yes we should :D

  • Really we're suppose to believe your not attracted to the ''Hot Guys'' LMFAO give me a break. No women or guy is attracted to the ugly people. If that was true I wouldn't be single.

  • You have different taste, that's it.

    About that video.. that guy really isn't the best singer...

    • Haha, I wasn't focused on the singing, but I don't think he's that bad.

    • Well, don't get me wrong, I like some death metal but that one was just atrocious :D

    • haha, that's fine :D

  • because they look perfect with your eyes, answer mine

  • Depends on one's preference I guess.

  • as long as they are good lookin to you that's all that matters

  • You can't help what your attracted you.

  • They might be ugly to others, but if you like them they're not ugly for you.


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