Girls, when was the first time you wore pantyhose?

For the girls. I'd like to know about your first time wearing pantyhose. What was the occasion, how did you feel, things like that. And, do you still wear them? Nowadays, girls won't wear them when they did dressed up for special events (weddings, proms, formals, etc.) and I think it makes a girl look classy when they wear them while dressed. Your opinions on this?


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  • My mom dressed me in tights since I was a little baby, and I've been wearing them to for dancing ever since I started that as well.

    First REAL pair of pantyhose was about at age 12, when I started shaving my legs.

    I like the look of them if the color and sheen are just right, but I'm fairly picky. There's nothing worse than peachy or overly brown pantyhose on a fair-skinned girl like me. It's also annoying when they get runs, which happens fairly frequently. They can be uncomfortable in the summer time as well since they don't breath very well. Also, if you have nice enough legs, you can get by without them just fine.

    I do enjoy the classy, smooth look though. I personally think it's a shame that they're going out of style! A real lady wears pantyhose :)


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  • When I first started wearing them:

    Back when I was a wee-lil-girl. Going to church on sundays mainly.

    Last time I've worn them:

    Today and almost every day. Although they aren't exactly pantyhose, I only wear stocking held up by a garter belt. I aim to look like I am from a different time zone. So far I've been successful. I don't wear jeans, (although I do wear slacks in the winter), I aim to wear only skirts with the combination of stockings. I started this as a teenager and I continue it to the grave.

    Class is lacking in my generation, I find. It's a pity.

  • I hate pantyhose. Plus I have a nice shade of tan as my natural color. I think panyhose are silly looking personally. That's just my opinion.

  • i wear pantyhose almost every time I wear a dress I feel more classy in them they make my legs look nice and smooth yeah I agree real classy ladies wear pantyhose even if they go out of style ill still wear them I first wore them when I was around 12

  • My mom made me wear pantyhose to church when I was little. I hate them. She made me wear the onces with the puffy frilly stuffd on the butt so it felt all itchy and horrible. I never wear them now. Never.


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