Are mustaches in or out these days?

Many hipsters restore my faith that they are indeed still in style. What are your opinions?


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  • Honestly I don't like facial hair so for me it's a no. But there are definitely guys who do manage to pull it off so it's not like you are in trouble or anything.

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  • They're always in

  • Id say in since a lot of guys in my grade are growing it out

  • They were never "in".

  • Facial hair for me is just a deal breaker.

  • I don't like mustaches.. Goatees can be cool though

  • I love a good beard and mustache combo!

  • Hate em. They look bad and are disgusting

  • extinct.

  • OUT.

    • stubble is fine.. but no moustache..or moustache stubble -shiver-

  • I LOOVE mustaches! Seriously.. Sexiest mustache is the handle bar

  • If they look good on a guy then hell why not! There is a rapper Flaco, his DJ 80z Dad has the 80's p*rn star mustache and I think it looks great on him!

  • Out in my book,

  • Out.

  • I hate facial hair

    • nope

  • OUT!

  • hipsters = gay nerdy geeks who are still in the closetdo you really wanna take fashion advice from them?

    • if you're offended by dissenting views, don't ask for people's opinions. Most chicks like gay guys but don't wanna date them lmfao

    • xSweetestSinx = Jersey Shore wannabe with fake gucci sunglasses and a fake tan. Do you really wanna take fashion advice from her?xo-freddie mercury

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  • I prefer baby-faced and clean shaven.

  • hipster annoy the crap out of me, especially from my own experience they are all egotistical and fake. But some guys can grow amazing mustaches but it's just a matter of genetics I think but yeah they can totally be sexy

  • Doesn't matter what's in and out, I wish others would stop looking at what others have and just acutally focused on what they like :\ it really does get on my nerves as I want people to actually BE themselves, but generally these days people are just so fake it's unbelievable. Just do what you want, when you want and if others try to tell you different tell them to Eff off lol.

  • Out.

  • I love facial hair! Automatic bonus for any guy in my book.

  • No

  • I like guys with mustache! Super sexy

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  • I don't like those big mustaches they let grow back in the 70's... Sometimes I let my 'stache and beard grow, but I keep them thin and short haired and nicely shaped.. But most of the time I'm clean shaved, and now I also rock the shaved head as well, Vin Diesel style! When I let my Goatee grow (again shaped and short), it looks bad ass...

  • Depends if you can carry it off or not. I have a mouche and goatee and it looks fine on me, but some only look good clean shaven.

  • i can say that mustaches are definitely in.

  • Guys with just mustaches alone look like chomos.

  • Are we talking bushy mustaches?

  • everything is in nowadays

  • Many guys who have mustaches do it for comedic reasons.

  • But hipsters are AGAINST being in style! But grow out a mustache if you want anyway, maybe you'll look like Freddie Mercury.

  • Can't put up the question link...Anyway, it's the only question I've asked so far; you can't miss it

  • For men under 30... only if you are super hot.But in that case you can get away with anything.It's one of those things that if you can pull it off, it proofs you're exceptionally attractive.Like leggings.Then you have people that give it a try because they see all the famous hot people wearing it, but it just looks ridiculous on them. Like a fat woman trying on a mini skirt: wearing it will not make you as hot as the people that pull it off.

  • Michael Mann style. (Collateral, Heat) and either go with a light beard, or a goatee. The best. XD

  • I personally think it's just your style as far as mustaches are concerned.I'm 16 and I I've just let my mustache grow naturally. People have noticed, but I haven't gotten a single compliant yet.Give it a try!Would anyone like to answer mine?

  • Out for the most part. Except for hipsters.

  • I think ladies like a clean shaven man.

  • I grew mine last year in November for a cancer detection initiative called "mo"vember. I really liked mine and subsequently kept it a bit longer. But yeah I see many hipster who grow their mo's