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What do guys think about unnatural blond hair?

I'm a white girl with brown eyes and naturally my hair color is a very dirty blond, but I have it done in a salon so now it's a very light blond... Show More

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  • What do guys think? I think it's ok.

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  • It can be cute/hot on some girls, it really depends.

  • If it's fake enough to be noticeable, it's very tacky. If the coloration is subtle and tasteful, it remains natural looking, and, natural looking is a good thing.

  • I have dirty blond hair and I think I look sexy with my bright blue eyes. As a dirty blond myself I'd stick with what you got. But generally, when a guy sees a blond girl the psychological response would be A fun and playful girl and the brighter it is the more likely the thought will cross their minds cause it's bright and more arousing. What I love about dirty blondes is that it is like a brunette and blond hybrid so I'm technically serious yet playful ;)

  • Idk...I tend to prefer natural...but it is not a big deal to me...might have been morfe so when I was young..and personally prefer mor of a strawberry blond rather than a platinum..(:(:(:

  • The only unnatural-looking shade of blond is platinum blond, if you have some other shade of it you're alright.

    Fake or not but blond is blond and it's awesome, although of course real is always better.

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