Can short men be protective too?

I'm 5"7-5"8, what could I possibly do to create the same feeling of protection that gals want as a 6"1 guy? I already have rather large hands and an athletic body, but what more could I do? Should I growl at people I pass or wear heels in my shoes?



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  • Do you feel that everyone thinks that you aren't protective because you aren't tall or just a few? Or just the one you like? And don't growl. I know you were probably kidding about that, but still...don't do that. Heck no. That's creepy and super weird. Short guys can definitely be protective too. If something bad happens near where she is at that time, you can shoot a text to her, or message her on Facebook or whatever. Check if she is okay. My friend's brother is kinda short too, and he sent me a message on Facebook checking if I was okay in Colorado because I was in Denver, which is about 30-45min depending on traffic from Aurora...and he was really concerned. It felt good to feel protected even though I was perfectly fine. So you could try something like that. Maybe if you could give a more exact situation that you are referring to, people could help a bit more. sorry for the long response.

    • Thanks, good response. I'm not referring to anything atm, I'm not with someone atm. But I always hear girls talking bout them wanting bigger guys for protection. I'ts not because I wanna look super "manly" and intimidating, I'd just like to be able to create that same aura of protection. Also, girls SHOULD know that a few inches shorter or taller won't make much of a difference in relation to fights and whatever.


    • Thanks. It was kinda long...anyway...I agree that you don't have to be tall to win a just depends on the person.


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  • Can short men be protective too?

    To some people.

    What could I possibly do to create the same feeling of protection that gals want as a 6"1 guy?

    Likely you can't as the gals that feel protected because a guy is tall so your lack of height is a lack of protection.

    But what more could I do?

    Pursue gals who are much shorter than you 5'0''-5'2'' or pursue gals who don't get a feeling of protection from a guy based on his height.

    Should I growl at people I pass or wear heels in my shoes?

    I don't see how growling will help instill a feeling of protection for gals who get a feeling of protection from tall heights. I do see how wearing heels in your shoes will instill a feeling of protection in such gals at least until you're no longer wearing the heels.

  • 5'8 your taller than a lot of girls...I think you could, security is just them knowing that you would try to protect them...


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  • Yeah with the right build and and skills, a short man can more than defend his own. As a pinnacle of very powerful short men, I point you to Lee Priest, the controversial Australian bodybuilder. He's only 5'6, but weighs in around 260lbs and that's at 5% bodyfat. I dare any tall man of typical build to think he could take him on and win.

  • I'm 6'5. Honestly, not to be mean, but I doubt you could create the same sense of security as I can for a girl. Girls ALWAYS go for guys that are taller than them. My women that are shorter than you...and stop worrying about your height, or lack thereof...your lacking confidence in yourself which is a bigger turn off to women than your height is.

    • Aye. I'm not really attracted to girls much shorter than me, so bit of a problem aii :-D

    • they would have to be the same height or taller? generally girls like guys who are taller then them. I'm not saying it doesn't happen for girls to go out for with guys who are the same height or shorter but um yeah I think that is only part of the security thing as long as you can asure her that she is safe with you and in your arms there shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    • Generally speaking yea, same height is the best. :P

      Thanks for reply

  • Work out.