Why is hair so important for guys, girls, media?

i have an afro ... and people don't like it or they spend their while time starring at it and saying oh do wash your hair wtf

its like even if your smart or pretty people will choose the dumb idiot with manageable hair because you have an afro

... I love my hair and would never change it ... but why is it this way people make me feel so ugly cause of my hair


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  • I don't know to be honest. I love afros, and you've got such a pretty face! People don't like them and judge you because it's not the norm. It's different, and they don't know how to deal with it.


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  • I like the afro's I don't see it often enough, not even the african students at my university wear their hair as an afro :(. I can't lie, I would want to touch it just because I think its awesome! but out of respect I wouldn't lol, I think it looks cute tthough, keep rocking :P

    • lol touch it ... I just posted a question to why people keep calling me cute .. I guess it is cause my afro :D

    • haha I WOULD, like its springy and like a cushion, id like to just bounce my hand on it lol. yeah the two are likely linked :D

  • I read somewhere that primitively we've always been attracted to hair. Specially ladies in the form of longer hair (the longer the more seductive). I don't know why people hate on it. I have to say I prefer longer hair on women out of honesty (sort of with volume but still sort of straight?). But otherwise any other type of hair is fine and I don't think I could rank an afro so it's either what I like or what I find to be alright. (Obviously if you're on some sad sh*t and got cancer then that sucks and Imma have a hard time getting used to somebody being bald, let alone the feeling that I fell in-love with somebody that might not be here etc etc but I digress)

    I hate my hair-type too. It's hard to manage and it makes me look like the Beatles or Justin Bieber unless I do manage it.

    Check out that Timothydelaghetto on YouTube. His girl got hair like that too but she's fine as hell.

    Best of luck!

    • thanks .. I don't want you to think I hate my hair though I LOVE it ... but I will check that site out

  • I don't know...if a woman is pretty, then I don't really care so much how she keeps her hair (on her head anyway) And even guys who say they like long straight hair are usually pretty tolerant about accepting their woman with short hair..lol..in fact, if you look at older females, you will realize that very few have hair that is not short! ...(:(:(:

  • I guess because it's one of the first things people notice.


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  • Why is hair so important for guys, girls, media?

    It's a sign of youth, fertility, and beauty on gals and gals end to be valued for their beauty.

    Why is it this way people make me feel so ugly cause of my hair?

    Beauty standards as a gal I would have thought you'd gotten used to such standards and feeling badly about yourself because of them

    • i don't understand what you are saying I don't say the word gal, are you from America?

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    • i feel very pretty for that moment I may feel ugly when an American or any race say something rude about my hair and even in the American TV there is not afros

    • American TV doesn't show much that doesn't adhere to the beauty standard and people have freedom of speech so it's probably best to focus on working on eliminating those moments you feel ugly.

  • I love afros to me they're just another style ...I'm white so I was born with straight hair, but I think it's sad that so many black girls spend so much time trying to "tame" their hair or straighten it or whatever...as if there's just one way to be beautiful, you should embrace it not hide it...

    • yeah I agree with you about the straightening of the hair ... but lots give into to the media and what is defined as beautiful ... it is a bit sad :( ... but thanks