Dating a Short Guy problem? Insecure/ do guys love it?

So I'm 5 ft & he's 5'5...I always had a thing for tall guys. I once dated a guy who was 6'2 & I loved it. But this guy I'm talking too is 5'5 & skinnier than me.

So girls...I'm 5ft with a full body. We all get insecure & I feel like I would get insecure.. I'm fit though. I'm thick but toned. How would you feel? I feel like I could crush him :(

Guys: do you like that? Like, I have an ass but I'm also a full boned person. I'm not a twig . How would you feel if you were skinny & your girl was big.. is that sexy for you? I'm not fat fat! But I'm not skiny. I'm middle & I work out. I do track etc


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  • I think from how you sound, he must be very happy.


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  • I say if you aren't really attracted to him then let him go. Just be honest with him. If you want a tall guy go find one. But hurry you're already 26 your looks are depreciating. Good luck.

  • 5ft 5in is tall?

    • To me..5'5 isn't tall for a guy. But that's just me. 5'7 to me is the beginning of tall. But everyone is different

    • So I'm 5ft 9in what does that make me a giant? lol

    • ? No that's perfect. I said 5'5 is short...5'7 & up is tall

  • wouldn't care.

  • Damn why can't you women just be happy what you have. You women complain if the guy is to tall, short, fat, skinny, bald, poor, rich. Can you just be happy guys like you for u?

    • I'm not complaining. I'm just saying. I feel like I'm over powering him & I don't want him to feel like that. & I don't wanna feel like that

    • Your not complaining know but you will sooner or later.

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