What Do Girls Look For In A Guy?

I was just curious, what physical features do you girls look for as far as appearance in us guys? Basically, if you were to see a guy on the street and describe him as a hot guy or whatever, what is it about him you are attracted to? I know this is sort of an open ended question, with probably a million different possible answers, but I was just wondering.


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  • Well, the first thing I look at is the face, not the body. I like dark hair, and semi-long. As in, Jim Sturgess in Across the Universe long. Long enough to play with, but not so long he could put it in a ponytail or something. I'm extremely drawn to eyes, and this is pretty much a make-or-break factor for whether I consider a guy "hot." It's not an easy thing to tie down, but when I look at his eyes, they have to hold me for a second. If there's a certain intensity or confidence there, I'm hooked. And, as Jengirl said, smiles are extremely sexy.

    Body-wise, I'm told I'm weird in this, but I go for two different body types: the military look with strong arms and upper body, and tall, skinny guys. The former because I think of him holding me, and the latter because I just find it cute. Being tall is fairly important, mainly because I'm tall and I would feel odd with a guy who's more than about an inch or two shorter than me. Obviously, none of this is a must; personality is more important to me, and if I fell for a guy with none of these characteristics, so be it, I'd still date him. But these are what initially attracts me.


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  • If I see a hot guy on the street and what I would find attractive in him - would be - first off his facial hair if he has any - the goatee I love it and it makes him look like a man especially if he has strong manly features, then his height if he's over six feet tall - he lost me meaning I love it even more, than would be his muscles - I don't like overly buff guys but at least let a guy look like he works out in a gym...I love guys who have muscles and broad shoulders who's bigger than I am and that's about pretty much it there's more but they don't deal with physical features but a guy any guy I think should look like a man to me at least if he looks like a boy and if he's in his 30s its like what the hell...but yea those are mostly what I like as a physical trait in a guy. Most of the girls I know look for the same things in a guy.

  • Well every girl likes a different guy so this is a very hard question. As far as outfit goes I don't really feel attracted to shabby dressed men or men with Gothic black chains or huge baggy pants. Otherwise it doesn't really matter as long as their not huge.

  • I will just say what I look for personally.

    Standing up straight and confident.

    Amazing smile.

    Great eyes. (this isn't THAT hard to have, actually)

    Nice hair. Meaning washed, not greasy.

    Most other things I'm pretty lenient with. Every guy has their own style and I LOVE guys that express their own style. Whether it be dark and mysterious, or fun and playful, I love being able to tell what I'm getting from first glance.

  • it would be something that sets him apart from other men.

    -fashion style


    -the way he presents himself

    conformity is not appealing, so dare to be different.

    personally, I tend to lean towards guys with the "i could care less" look because they seem to be more relaxed and fun to be around.

    wearing tons of hair gel is a total turn off (well for me it is).

    well hope this helps in some ways :)

  • a killer smile

    intense eyes that also have a spark

    i'm a sucker for nice arms, from their finger to their shoulders

    nice hair

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