Is there a way to look older?

Probably not

This summer it seemed there was a lot of people who thought I was 17, or in high-school, and its getting kind of annoying.

Like tonight for instance, my family and I went out for dinner and the waitress acted surprised when my parents said I could drink.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

and yes I know when I am older it will be a good thing :p


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  • Yes, you WILL love it. I have always looked younger than my age, even at your age. My son has this issue too. He embraces it. Let it work for you, not against you.

    But I feel you. You are a 20 y.o. woman & want to be looked upon as such. I get it. So, when you want to look like it, I think you need to take a really close look at yourself in a full length mirror & evaluate yourself. How do you look? What is it that you are showing to the world? Are you dressing like a H.S. girl? Check it out, do you still go out wearing a lot of the same clothes that you wore in HS? Probably do. Change that up, girl! If you want to look like a woman, dress like a woman. More chic, not trashy/sexy. Wear some make up, not clown make up, ok? Heels, jewelry. Grown up woman stuff, not kid stuff, no plastic, rubber, neon, string stuff. OK?

    Keep away from too much fad stuff in your outfits, one thing is OK, head to toe looks teeny bopper.

    Older suggests a more pulled together look. So go shopping & just look. Go to stores & look at people, see how they dress & window shop. Start choosing your grown up style. It will take awhile to get it together. Get pieces that can mix & match. It does appear that you are wear a lot of "cute" clothes. Nothing wrong with that, but they make you look younger.

    Hair...I like the photo of you with the straight, shoulder length hair, blunt cut. That looks older, more like a 20 something. Looks really nice on you.

    • thankyou! :)

      I dress casual (jeans, tshirts, hoodies) so maybe that is why I still look younger?

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    • I go to university so that is too dressy lol.

    • Check these out. Almost anything from here is doable. They might be pricey, BUT you can buy the same stuff anywhere in a lower price range. These can be mix & matched & good for class too. :D link


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  • I'd think looking older is definitely not on people's mind...

  • I'm 27 and I still look like I'm in my teens maybe very early 20's it's annoying because older women never take me serious unless I blatant say my age.. Then I get like a .. Wow... I wish I could grow a beard that could connect, I would rock it all the time!

  • alot of people say I look younger than I actually am too

    most people that look older than their age either drink a lot or smoke alot, those 2 things can accelerate aging from what I hear

    other than that, make up and more mature looking clothes is probably your best bet


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  • I hate that too though I'm 17 and people say I look 15 or 14..only thing I can think of besides the obvious make up is hair style

  • I look a lot younger than my actual age. Cutting your hair, wearing dark or earthy colors might help you look more mature.

  • a lot of makeup, no bright clothing, style your hair, and have good posture.