At what height is a woman considered tall and a man considered short?

In general...Well, the question says it all. In my opinion men are considered short if they are under 6'0. I don't know why lol do you agree? Not to sure about the woman one, I'd say a woman is considered tall if she's 5'7 or 5'8 ish and above


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  • I'd think for men, it's under 5'10 and for women it's above 5'6

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  • This is relative I think, but for most couples I have observed the guy is usually about a 'head' taller than the girl.My POV:If a woman is my height or taller, she is tall.If a woman is a head shorter than me, she is short.I am 5' 8" and I wouldn't mind dating a girl 4' 8" or 6' 2"

  • Men:5'7" and below is Short5'8"-5'11" is average6' and up is tallWomen: 5'3" and below is short5'4"-5'7" is average5'8" and up is tall

  • In my region people are taller than in the U. S. Average height for a woman is 171 cm (5 ft 7 1/2 in) and for the guy 185 cm (6 ft one in). So I'd say women 5 5 and under are considered short, the same goes for guys shorter than 5' 11. Woman are considered tall-ish if they are 5'9 and up but that's considered a great thing 'cause there is a strong cultural preference for tall women (probably because they're tall but still shorter than the guys).

    • In Europe, in a region that is called Dinaric Alps on wikipedia page on height, although we rarely use that term.

    • where is this?

  • Way I see it, "short" means shorter than the average and "tall" means taller than average. So, then... to determine that, you should look at the average heights for people. What are the averages? Well... according to wikipedia... link

  • The average woman in the US is 5' 4.5" tall, and the average man is 5' 8.5" tall.Thus, I would break them down like this:MEN:5' 6" and below: short.5' 6"-6': average6' and up: tallWomen:5' 2" and below: short5' 2"-5' 7": average5' 7" and up: tallYou'll find between 60-70% of both men and women will fall into the "average" category.

    • Yeahh we kept forgetting the average section !

  • I am 6'6"... Am I tall?

    • Sorry I just find this to be a dumb question. The average female height is 5'4.5" so anyone between 5'3"-5'5" would be "average".

    • I'm not answering that...

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  • a confident woman is considered tall and a stingy bigoted man is considered short.

  • Men: 6'2 and up is tall.5'10 - 6'1 is average.Under 5'9 is short.Women: 5'8 and up is tall.5'5 - 5'7 is average.5'4 and below is short.Just my opinion.

  • MaleTall: 6'0"+Avg: 5'7"-5'11"Short: Below 5'7"FemaleTall: 5'7"+Avg: 5'3"-5'6"Short: Below 5'3"

  • At what height is a woman considered tall and a man considered short?Statistically for my country, America, the average gal is 5'4'' and the average guy is 5'10'' so:Above 5'4'' a gal is considered tallUnder 5'10'' a guy is considered short