Home dying from blond to brown?

I'm a natural blonde and got my hair dyed brown in a salon and its workd great however my blond roots are coming through and I was thinking of just home dying it. I am scared my blond roots will go ginger help?!


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  • dying it brown at home is quite easy and your roots will not go red. just apply the product as evenly as possible and leave it on for the directed amount of time. brown or black are the only colors I say go for it when it comes to coloring yourself because they are nearly foolproof. I've done it at least 10 times and I've never had issues with brown.

    • Thanks are you a natural blonde?

    • dirty blond naturally but I have colored over bright blondes I have had done in salons before too :)

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  • Ever thought of being really really original with your hair? Do something with your hair that nobody else ever do or would even consider possible?. Something absolutely smashingly outrageously wild?

    Ever thought of actually just keeping your natural hair color? Now that would be totallty wild!


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  • your roots won't turn red lol. since its a brown color its really hard to mess up. Just apply it evenly and leave it in the directed time. But don't do at home coloring too often, you don't want to fry your hair

  • Lol I don't think it'll turn orange that happens when you go from brown to blonde..anyways id suggest using a semipermant hair color to avoid over processing