What type of guy/girl is the one that's going to be attracted to you?

I feel like 0.01% of guys would even be attracted to me haha. Maybe this is why I'm single...I'm not physically/emotionally/mentally attractive haha.

-I've been called cute & also plain, so I've got to find a guy that finds my face pretty.

-I'm tall (5'9") so the guy has to be attracted to tall girls

-I'm skinny so the guy has to be attracted to skinny girls as well

I'm afraid that the majority of guys find me plain & too skinny.

-I'm kinda shy at times so the guy has to not find that a turn off

-I'm Christian so most likely only Christian guys would be cool with that.

-there are probably other things about my personality that I can't think of off the top of my head that factor in...but basically I feel like with all the things that make me *me*...its going to take a rare guy to be attracted to me. does any of this make sense? haha

So...what kind of guy/girl out there is going to be attracted to you?


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  • Even if you only attract 0.01%, that's still about 35 million guys worldwide. lol

    I like cute girls. I like tall girls. I'm a couple of inches taller than you, so it would depend on you. I like many sizes of women. I'm not religious, but I can and have been into religious girls before, so again, that would depend on you. The only problem that I've read is that you are shy. I don't really have a problem with it, but I am shy too, so that would be difficult to work out.

    I don't know what kind of girl would be attracted to me. She would have to be into shy, nerdy guys with average looks (I hope it's at least average). I think there have been girls that were interested in me (in hindsight at least) and they've been of different races and they've all been the outgoing types. Some of them were pretty forward actually, but I am socially inept so I didn't get it at the time.

    • haha well me being "cute" varies from guy to guy haha.

      I'm "kinda shy at times"...so sometimes I can be social, silly, outgoing, etc.

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  • you feel like 0.01% of guys would even be attracted to you ... accually the problem is YOU seem to only be attracted to 0.01% of guys ... and or worrying about every little thing when you don't realize all a guy wants is a girl he can have for love and sex...just to let you know guys are desperate and obsessed in wanting to have a girlfriend but the problem is girls just don't care to pursue them / make a move or are not desperate etc.. or girls end up finding the wrong things in guys to be attracted to

    guys have one major problem its being rejected usually for no reason other than the fact that he's a guy ... I hope this helps

    • haha I'm definitely attracted to more guys than that. I can't tell you the number of times I've crushed on a guy only to find that he's interested in someone else.

  • Well I calculated that about 0.0001% of the women would find me attractive, and that's in the countries were women favor me. It's probably like 0% in the US or Europe lol.

  • So far it seems like I only attract girls that I have no interest in

  • the quiet type probably is going to like me


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  • This is a hard question to answer since I don't always know what kind of guys I attract. It's not like every guy that finds me attractive vocally tells me... but I can tell you the type of guys that I tend to like.

    Anyway, as for the description of yourself, I'm finding it hard to understand how this pertains to your question :/ Just saying.. not trying to be mean.

    • "What type of guy/girl is going to be the one that's attracted to you?"...i answered my own question for myself. The kind of guy that is going to be attracted to me is going to be a Christian guy who likes shy tall skinny girls. Its not going to be a guy who is into short girls or thick girls or athiests or loud/outgoing girls.

    • I see, that makes sense. The only that comes to mind... is a guy who is looking for a girl who doesn't go clubbing or party but rather a girl who can be perfectly content at home. I consider myself as a social introvert. Going out tires me out but I enjoy being around people. I'm average height nor do I belong to any religion. As for my ethnicity, I rather not be with a guy who has particular interest in asians.

  • I have no idea. I haven't met one person in about 16 months that I would date and no because I have high standards or anything. I've only met one guy (my ex) that was a good match. I think once you stop looking, it finds you. And I'm tall and skinny too, so I get where you're coming from.

  • I know what I used to attract. And it was not good. Short, emotionally unstable, needy guys. No joke. Then I put some work in myself and now I attract the kind of guys I actually like. Like you, I'm tall (5'10"), thin, and only pretty in my own way. I've been called adorable, cute, and pretty as well as 'unattractive.' The kind of guy that will be attracted to me in the handle I may work in a man's world, love trucks, tractors and animals but in the end I'm still a girl who wants to get dressed up and have a fun time.

    Everyone is unique, and everyone is attracted to something different. Your right guy probably isn't nearly as rare as you think.