Ladies, if you were a guy do you think you would wear boxers or briefs?

So I see a lot of threads on this site about what underwear preference women have for their men. The general consensus seems to be boxers or boxer-briefs while the briefs are often criticized.

Personally I like the feeling of briefs because they give me a lot of extra support. For me it is more about comfort than fashion...

So my question to the ladies is: if you were a guy, what kind of underwear do you think you would wear: boxers or briefs. Are you going for "sexy" or "comfy".

And a follow up ladies...when you choose underwear currently are you going for comfortable or sexy?


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  • Boxer briefs. I'd like the elastic around my legs, I think, because briefs leg holes look like they'd rub on the underside of where your butt and legs meet. Some of our underwear does that, and it's kinda uncomfortable. I like wearing a bra, for support, though ... so I wouldn't want my balls bouncing around in boxers, either.


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  • Hard to say because if my mind worked the same as a guy as it does with me being a girl I would be going commando as I now do.

    • do you also go bra-less? I don't think you would be very comfortable going commando ;)

    • Actually I do go bra-less and love the free fresh feeling it gives me. Mine aren't so big that hanging free creates any problem as they sag down. Until you try going without panties with loose fitting shorts on you can't understand the free fresh feeling it gives me either. I seldom wear jeans, but they are the only type of clothing that I have found to be rather uncomfortable with that crotch seam rubbing my slit. Outside of that commando it great

    • fair enough...good answer

  • i'd be a boxers kinda dude. I'd like my little brother down there to breathe and hang loose. with lots of roaming space.

  • Boxer-more room for comfort


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't get the 'Boxer' thing, as your stuff is just dangling, and when you sweat, things get sticky, and that isn't comfortable. I don't like my stuff sticking to my leg, or maybe going its own way!! It has enough 'say' with erections, so why give it more freedom?
    I prefer I nice Calvin-type guy-bikini, that shows it off, but supports. Balls are a lot like breasts, and are subject to GRAVITY! I don't want my balls at my knees when I retire!!
    Besides, there are a lot of things between 'tighty whities' and 'boxers'!! Go to undergear. com and just enjoy!!