I want to look hot!!!

So I'm going to the house of blues this weekend to watch talking heads tribute this must be the band and well I'm going with a guy friend the thing is I have no idea what to wear and I really don't want to look stupid and I want him to think I look hot so hell keep his eyes on me so any advice on what to wear you guys?


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  • No, just no. You don't dress for a concert so that he has his eyes on just you. It's a concert, not a beauty pageant.

    If you want to impress him, honestly, just wear a pair of fitted jeans, heels and a shirt with the Talking Heads on it. Girls in band shirts are just as sexy as ones in a lacy shirt

    • Lol sorru I didn't mean just on me bit dress to impress like lets have fun but you look so beautiful tonight kinda thing lol but thanks for your answer it was so helpful specially comin from a guy

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  • You can never go wrong with a denim mini skirt or a pair of darker wash jeans that hug your body just right, a basic black (or whatever color looks best on you) tank top and heels. Keep it simple and show just a bit of skin is generally what I like to do. Leave something for the imagination :P

  • Wear a dress if its your style or pants + blouse..for hair I think have up half done looks good