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If guys like long legs, why do they go for short chicks?

Why do guys always go for the midgets if they loveeee long legs?midget chicks don't have long legs...

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  • They like the look of long legs Scientifically speaking men prefer short girls with long legs and a short torso

    • uh oh, you've upset the tall chicks. They don't like that short girls are generally preferred

    • Woops, I didn't know I clicked this...I'd feel like a douche for choosing someone else, because I wanted to choose the guy with the penis comment...

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  • I'm 6'3 so I prefer a girl with long legs not a midget lol

  • Thank You for your recognition of me as a Genius! Well, considering the first time I gave oral was to a midget...well...just never know, eh? Humor aside, I suppose you probably caught one of my posts: I Just Don't Care...maaaaybe a slight preference for taller...but short is fine..and I married 5' 4"...so...

    • lmaoyour welcomeDid you really have sex with a midget?

    • Yes Hon..and if any youngsters out there are so intimidated...lol..you and I should start a new advice site..."Ms Texas Finds Weird Old People With Weird Stories" We could generate some revenue! The midget story..who I lost my tongue to...was not as weird as the story where I lost my true virginity..4 or 5 years later..cannot make this sh*t up My Dear

    • ...did you date her? lolIt's just different, that's all haha

  • stop generalizing. not every guy prefers long legs. look at her legs: farm1.static.flickr. com/ 131/380638269_39d3b344c5. jpg (remove space) are they considered long? no... for some strange reason many guys love her legs. why is that?

    • I don't know any guy who likes or loves anything having to do with Britney

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    • very big t*ts are in fact unattractive because they don't look natural. just because a guy doesn't like big fake t*ts, it doesn't mean he prefers flat t*ts. there are a lot of short girls out there. as long as the guy is taller than she is, she's OK with it. one of the hottest girls at my school dated a short guy. why is that? (no, he wasn't rich. no he wasn't the captain of a sports team.) online opinions = real life opinions (online people tend to be more honest/aren't scared to be honest).

    • I never said big fake t*ts. Guys on here explicitly say all of the time that they prefer flat to small and that big breasts period are a deal breaker or turn-off.And online opinions tend to be of the minority. If this were the case, would so many overweight chicks seek validation on here? Would so many virgins be on here asking what the opposite gender thinks of virginity?This site caters to specific insecurities and that's fine.

  • Could a girl be short and still have long legs? Anyway, it would be like if you liked really musclar guys, that does not mean you would just be attracted to them and just focus on them.

    • What height is a short girl to you?

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    • Of course! No girl should try to ride on "nice" legs. If the chick is ugly as hell legs won't save her

    • As for you question, everyone has preferences but most people do not try to stick to just people with that aspect.

  • Different guys>>>>>>different things

  • Men don't prefer short women, at least not where I live. I've read about research that showed that most guys prefer women shorter than them, but still tall. That would certainly be my experience. I've always had a thing for tallish women, and my friends most of whom are tall also swooned over such girls but height in general is not as important to guys as it is to girls. Short women can have legs that are long compared to their torso, but that's not the same as a tall woman having long legs. And it shouldn't matter, not all guys are leg men.

    • Why do so many tall chicks complain about guys preferring short girls?Where I live guys prefer short girls...and I think a majority of dudes go for short girls, regardless of whether they're hung up on height or not

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    • I feel like a lot of the insecure people on here try to blame height, hair color or boob size for why they're single. An attractive girl is an attractive girl ya know?

    • My point exactly!

  • Because it makes there penis look bigger.

    • lol -_-

    • intelligent answer lol

    • I wanted to choose you as BA >.< I'm sorryYour answer was different haha

  • We just go for attractive chicks. Can you answer my question? link

  • I prefer petite girls with proportionate legs. Not too short, not too long.

What Girls Said 8

  • Guys want a girl to be shorter even with heels on

  • I think some guys like long legs and some guys like short girls, but most guys just want a cute chick who thinks they're hot.

  • I think they might like the way long legs look, but they prefer short chicks because it makes the feel more like their protector. And you have a point when you say people on here seem to have weird opinions. They all seem to say that they prefer "flat t*ts" to c cups or d cups. I understand there may be a few people who feel this way, but they all seem to say that. I honestly think it's to appease the question asker.

    • I think they genuinely prefer these things...they're just the minority opinion in the scheme of things. Although I do agree that there are many times which they try to appease the QA. You see their answers on different questions and they contradict one another, then you know they're bullsh*tting ha

  • I have seen some short girls with long and pretty legs. Their bodies were well-proportioned...also, not all tall girls have long legs. They can have short legs compared to their upper body. A tall girl can have a long waist (the reason why she is tall) with short legs.

    • yeah I know, long torso/short legs or short torso/long legs

  • Midgets? That's a little offensive, don't you think?

    • To be honest, no. It's obviously not the correct terminology, but I don't find it offensive.

  • The reason why is because , It's unique to find a beautiful, athletic body with long legs . Not to many people can achieve this , Most females are short . That's not different , But being tall and beautiful with nice legs is . And to be honest , It's hard for a man to get this kind of woman, Because she knows she's working with something. They will settle for a cute short girl .

    • lolThat's why, right

    • Also, long legs =/= athleticBeing tall =/= attractive or attractive legsJust like a tall guy isn't automatically attractive(though he might have more options)

  • Its kinda rude to call them midgets...And not every guy likes long legs, and not every guy likes short legs... Every guy is different :)

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