Online site that custom makes the suit to your body?



I am really looking forward to this. I found a online site that custom makes the suit to your body. They are located in Europe and ship worldwide. The beginner suit only costs about $720. I juts have to find a place where they can teach me how to glide -_-

But this is like a once if a life time experience and it has no price for me. We should all be able to say we've done something extreme.


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  • yeah its called wingsuit flying and you can't do it until you've had 200-500 jumps. there are only a few hundred people in the world who have done it. I'm going to do it before I die, no doubt.

    • You sure are correct, I looked into this even more. I live in California and yea you need 200 skydiving jumps in order to do this wingsuit jump. BUT I don't know if you might know the answer to my following question. So their is this online store that custom makes them to your size. It's in Europe. If I were to order it and use it on my own, is that ilegal? (Not that I would do such a thing) I have ZERO experience and never would the though of dressing into this WingSuit run through my head.

    • N yes I do plan on doing the wingsuit before I die as well . . . Although it will be pricey. For every skydive it costs about $189 multiply that times 200 jumps = about $38,000

    • I doubt it would be illegal if you had your own land, your own plane, and your own pilot. No one has all of those things though so if they want to wingsuit, they have to go to a skydiving school or business who has a lot of liability to worry about, so they make damn sure you're ready and they want to cover their own ass.

      I would probably be cheaper to join some kind of skydiving club, you would have to pay dues, but I bet it cheaper than going on individual jumps.

  • Already have. It was a little high, but worth it. Just had a pair of dress pants custom made a few years back.