Does staying cooped up at home for 2 weeks deteriorate your appearance?

For the past two weeks, I've been in the house most of the times, and haven't been out much. sometimes I would stay in the house consecutively for three days without stepping a foot outside.

I didn't overeat, or anything and still ran a mile outside 3-4 times a day, the only thing is that I didn't go anywhere outside except to jog.

well yesterday, I stepped out of the house for the first time to go grocery shopping. I felt like my appearance deteriorated in some way, judging from how people treated me and just the general aura I felt.

Do you think your appearance deteriorates if you stay cooped up in your home for too long?


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  • It does for anyone. I am frequently told by female friends, family members or so forth that I am a good looking guy and people are often shocked that I have only had one stable girlfriend who really didn't like to have sex.

    If you have no audience, you don't perform. You don't prepare either and you get used to that. It also affects health because humans are social creatures. Our mood diminishes and stress marks appear on the face. Clothing is more likely to be out of order or dirty or unpressed.

    • yeah, good reasoning.


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  • Nah, unless you haven't kept up your appearance while at home.

  • I suppose if you stayed at home, ate good, and went crazy on a bowflex or something you'd look better.


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  • I think so. The Anon answerer said everything I was going to say though. The one which you replied 'good reasoning' to.