Girls (or guys) Height and Protection question?

I have forgotten why shorter girls think that my taller height makes them more protected and I'd really like to be reminded why and how a taller guy makes her feel more protected? Who/what am I protecting them from? I can barely look out for myself if things got bad.They would be better off with shorter guy with a gun. What is so attractive about a tall guy that it is almost a deal breaker for some ladies?


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  • First off, I do not feel like I need protection. I can hold my own if I get into a fight, I know the delicate areas in the human body where a person can be killed or seriously maimed it hit there. I simply find guys taller than me in a huge turn on. I have a dominate personality, but in some areas I prefer to be dominated, if you know what I mean. Being a "plus size" (I prefer curvy) girl, I like a tall guy fairly muscular because he can hold me and lift me up with more ease than a slim guy who is shorter than me. But this is my own personally opinion. Hope this Helps! =D

    • It does help. Thank you for answering. I personally don't care for heigh too much like she could be taller than me (6'1) or shorter than me. It seems like girls factor height more than guys and I would like to know why that is.

    • Maybe some of it is cultural.

      Mexican dudes are often shorter...and they have Mexican women who like them.

    • Actually, I am a Mexican woman. But do not like Mexican men because they are far too macho, lol! =D


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  • "I can barely look out for myself if things got bad" ahahaha. Don't tell your girl that, please! It's just an age old thing, men are here to protect us 'fragile' women. Personally, I just plain do NOT want to be taller than my guy. The man should always just be bigger...

  • Protecting them from other men

    Low tree branches, tall branches

    Um, fast flying stray baseballs

    Shooting stars

    Low flying birds

    Imaginary things that only females know about

    Killer butterflies

    Bears and other carnivorous animals

    Venus fly traps

    But as you say if you are on the less protective side, eventually she will probably figure that out.

  • Its a masculinity thing. Its not like you would have to protect a girl from anything, but you could pick a girl up or shield her from harms way. And men are known to be the aggressors, so you could fight a guy if he hit her.

  • Yes definitely

    • Yes definitely what?

    • Ye what girl said under me I agree with her x

  • Goes back to earlier times. Women like men who are the biggest and strongest to mate with basically alpha males. Short guys don't fit that status but you can still be attractive

    • But this is the 21st century. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. As a tall guy myself I've wandered why such primative reasons are given to justify picking me over the shorter guy.

    • Maybe women see something else in you that they like beyond the height. Tallness is just like a bonus it really isn't the whole picture.

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  • It's not a protection thing, it's just inane shallowness. After all, it's not height that provides protection, it's muscles. I have neither unfortunately...

  • I don't think women can help it. It's like guys wanting girls that are slim and not fat. I do think that some short girls have issues with their height and want to make up for it by finding a 6'5 guy. As a very tall guy I always got most attention from girls that are like 4'10 lol and the girls I was looking for (those much closer to my height) were more difficult to find.

    • Yeah, agreed. They can't help's instinctual. Maybe tall men are more likely to feel more confident also? I mean slim good looking women are probably more likely to feel confident then non-attractive over-weight ones...Ya know!