Guys and makeup... Girls why do you wear it, guys, which do you prefer?

So what's with the amount of guys going on about how they love natural beauty when most of the time, the reason why girls wear makeup is because of them?

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Guess what guys, the second one is wearing makeup. Girls wear makeup to conceal their flaws and enhance their beauty. not like this:



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  • I prefer two things

    1) kajal or kohl or watever it is called to darken edges of eyelids,ofcourse,limited quantity.

    2) lipstick,if really necessary. But natural colors. I really don't think dark violet is a natural lip color. :-)) lipstick should be made with harmless stuffs. So that it dnt bother my tummy. ;-)

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    Third link...?!? She looks more like a clown. Gave me a good laugh.


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  • Prefer it so that I can't tell you are wearing make-up, or at least not much of it. The more make-up I see as make-up, the worse it is, the 2nd one is by far preferable.

  • the (second) picture of natural make-up is the best of all. the rest are no no especially the third.

  • I don't like makeup on a female's I will choose the first option...(:(:(:


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  • I only wear basic makeup if I have circles under my eyes, or spots. If I'm going to a party/club, then I'll wear more make up. I think most guys mean they like basic makeup. Not a lot so that she looks completely different when she takes it off, but just enough to make her look nice :)

    • I am fine with eyes, eyebrows and lips...what I hate is all the cheek crap: blush, foundation & bronzer, concealer

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    • Because I like a female's natural skin...cannot improve on female skin...and it rubs off on me and my sheets.../:/:/:

    • Oh, that's true... I've left marks on my pillow case before :o