How can I tell if a guy that I have a college class with like me?

What are some signs to look for? I'm a college freshman, so I'm new to this whole college experience. There is a guy in one of my classes that I am interested in, but I am not sure how he feels about me...what are some signs/clues to look for?


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  • Guys usually don't tell the girl that they like, that they like them. It all depends on the guy. Check to see if he did some of these signs to you: Holds longer eye contact than usual (can be staring), smiles at you, laughs at your jokes, sometimes would look away when you caught him staring/looking at you, gets flustered around you and fumble on words when talking to you, acknowledges that you exist most of the time, especially most of all and this is very very important, he always seems to be somehow around you whether he's far far away or really really close, and others. He just can't take his eyes off of you no matter what he does.

    Be the Alpha Female and talk to him and see/notice how he reacts toward your comments. Show indications [small or big hints] of flirtation towards him and see how he reacts to them to make sure if he does like you or not. I'm sure he likes you and if he doesn't then it's his loss. Only way to find out is find a way to make a date with him or do a hangout session hinting it is a date. Good luck.


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  • guys that like you will most likely sit next to least that's what I did

  • when I like a girl ill just look at her when she doesn't notice, or try to ignore her because I know I can't have her and look sad,< this is the #1 clue when guys try to tell a girl we want her, so you'll just have to catch him in the act , or you just have to ask him -simple as that


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