When you look at a girl

What do you like when you look at a girl? Is it her body or her personality? Thin, anorexic, or overweight? Just describe your type of girl please. I wanna know what goes trough guys minds.


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  • I like her eyes and just her face in general. There is this girl in the college class I take and I could look into her blue eyes for a long time, they are so enchanting. Also she has adorable freckles. Her body is pretty average. In comparison, the girl that sits behind her has a slammin' body but nothing special about her face, it's still pretty though. I like the first girl more.


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  • Well.. I'd point out that you're 16 and shouldn't have to worry about those things right now cause all guys your age only have one thing on their minds but you already know that so...

    Personally I look at a girls face and her legs. Her face tells me what sort of personality she has by how often and how wide she smiles. As for her legs, they don't tell me anything. I just like looking at em : )

  • I look at her face first, then her body. If she attractive it does not matter if she is thin, average, atheltic, chubby, etc. I can't really tell personality from looking, I would have to see how they act.


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