Guys, what would you do if you started dating a casual looking girl who didn't wear much makeup

Say this girl wears little to no makeup, and dresses casually (jeans and tshirt), then she starts making more money and dressing nicer and more trendy and goes to the salon more and wears more makeup. Would this be a problem for you or not? Some guys say they prefer women who look less "high maintenance" so what if your low maintenance girlfriend's appearance changed to more high maintenance. How would you react?


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  • I want her to be the same way I met her. It would be misleading because I thought she dressed and looked that way for personal choice, not because she couldn't afford better clothing.


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  • Looking high maintenance is fine, acting high maintenance is not. What I mean by this is when it comes to high maintenance vs low maintenance girls, it's not the look that I prefer, it's them just generally being more casual.

    If she started dressing nicer and more trendy, I'd be completely fine with this. If she started spending more time in the salon, I might not like it, but unless it's a major increase, I probably won't notice. As far as make up goes, if she developed a lengthy make up process in the morning or at night, or gets to the point where she refuses to leave the house without putting on all her new make up. That I wouldn't like, because now she's getting vain.

    Most of these things I probably wouldn't say anything to as they're probably small and not a big deal. If it got too far, I would likely just say something to her casually about it, I'd try not to start a fight, so make it more of an observation than a criticism.

  • It's a phase, so roll with it ... but expect her to roll with your phases as well.

  • You are correct...Low Maintenance + Still Sexy = Hot As Hell...If a woman I am already seeing starts spiffing up her appearance...I guess I would want to know why...but the High Maintenance look is probably more intimidating for males when they do not know the female and are considering whether or not to try approaching...I guess I would not mind that...unless the time she spent preening herself got to be totally ridiculous...(:(:(:

  • I would not care if she wanted to dress and look nicer because it would make her happy and she wanted to do it, I would be all for it. If I was already dating her I would know what she is like, it's not like she would morph into a different person.

  • I would be okay with it if I don't have to take her shopping all the time and we don't waste too much time going places cause she is busy applying make up (atleast not to go to a park or something casual).


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