What does it mean if a guy tries to force eye contact?

Like this guy was staring at me (for months) then when I stare back he seems to get annoyed (sometimes) other times he locks eye contact. Now he avoids me. The other day I caught him staring so I looked away really quick (3 times) as he was passing me, but he still kept on staring, then looked away once he was behind me with an pissed off look on his face. Then the next day he completely avoids eye contact and tries to avoid me. What does this mean?


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  • The fact that he keeps staring at you means there's something about you that grabs his attention. With the whole angry/pissed off face it could be a few things. He might not realize he's doing it (happens), he's frustrated for some reason (maybe he wants you to smile at him or say hi because he can't bring himself to do it), or he may be annoyed that he keeps staring at you and getting caught! Although, beware some guys just like to look but don't mean anything by it but when you catch them they feel awkward about it.

    For me I have a guy that I recognize from school that I've run into several times outside of school. He just stares at me really intensely and it weirds me out because he never says hi or nods or anything. Apparently my friend caught him staring at me for a while from an angle I couldn't see him from. It's especially messed up because he's usually outgoing...Guys are weird. Good luck anyway!


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  • Simple answer is he likes you, don't doubt it. It is more likely it's random that he doesn't make as much eye contact with you from one day to another than him being pissed off for no reason haha

  • You have a boogie on your nose and it weirds him out.


    He probably likes you, walk up and say hi.


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  • i agree with just-a-person, he likes you and guys are weird like that...just be careful and don't make any sudden moves because he can be screwin with ur mind, just give him a smile and show intrest in him too