Have you ever seen someone that looked scary/dangerous?

My boss looks like a bad *ss. My first thought of him was "wow this guy looks like one of those bad guys in the movies".

But it turned out he was in the Army Rangers, so that justified my thought.

So what makes a person appear scary/dangerous? Is it their face? High cheekbones? or intense stare?


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What Girls Said 1

  • There's this REALLY huge black guy that takes the bus when I take it sometimes. He has long dreds, tattoos everywhere, wears just a vest and jeans, huge boots and gloves. I'm sure he's done some crazy sh*t in his life lol I admit I was wary of him.. But one day I was going to school and he was sitting with a petite girl who also went to my school. Before he got off the bus he kissed her hand and it was THE cutest thing I've ever seen. Since then I looked at him as a teddy bear lol So yes, he did look dangerous, but I was never wary again :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Haha you should meet my uncle bro, he looks like that dude from that movie Eastern Promises. Weird stare, scary foreign accent, black leather jack, pointy black shoes oh and tally mark tattoos on shoulders damn I don't want to know what they stand for!