What guys think about chubby girls that are also fit and healthy....

so there's huge debate about do guys like chubby girls etc...what I'm interested to know is it more that guys prefer a girl who looks after herself more so? Like would they prefer a girl who goes the gym and eats healthy but has a chubby/curvy body still over a skinnier girl that maybe isn't as happy cos she's constantly working out and dieting? (e.g I'm short and have always carried a bit of extra weight to what's the "norm" maybe 15/20 lbs, even though I work out a few times a week and mostly eat healthily, so I've accepted my body type etc) it still seems that guys prefer slimmer girls to me overall though, even though I'm generally fit, healthy and happy, just a bit chubbier than average I suppose...just curious as to what guys really think on the matter...

just wanted to clarify I didn't mean all skinny girls are miserable by the way or are skinny because they diet/work out constantly, I get that girls can be naturally skinny too of course. I more was meaning those girls that do live their lives like that just to look a certain way is all (which I actually don't want to be) that was my point, just seems a girl can accept being chubby but a guy can't and I was wondering why really...


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  • If you're irish, then you must know... most Irish girls are at least chubby/curvy, if not downright overweight.

    But what you're describing is definitely my kind of girl - I like a girl who knows why Pinheads pizza is better than 4 Star, and who'll bum a slice without worrying how many extra minutes it will mean on the treadmill.

    Guys might prefer the slimmer look in Ireland, simply because it's more exotic (rare) in Ireland. But in my experience, amongst the Irish friends I have, a curvy girl who is also fit (and can keep up with us) is the ideal. She isn't overly worried about her weight and diet, and won't freak out if she has a slice of cheesecake.

    The girl who can match you beer for beer, and pizza slice for slice, is always the most fun. That's been my experience anyway.

    • Ha yep. I am Irish! and I'm more a Dominos girl anyway lol! but good advice nonethless thanks!

    • Dominos? Christ woman, you might as well just get a Goodfellas in Dunnes Stores...

      Real pizza is made by Pinheads. :)

      But in anycase, I think there are plenty of Irish guys who would prefer a curvy healthy girl.

    • well put.


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  • There's nothing wrong with a little extra curvage to a girl as long as she isn't defined by it. The chubby girls that don't get picked up are the ones that see themselves first and foremost as "the chubby girl". It's that lack of confidence more than anything that makes them unappealing to guys. The same is completely true for chubby guys. Just be yourself, stay healthy, love yourself, and enjoy life. Also... dress appropriately. There's nothing less attractive than a large girl that wears tight fitting clothing and lets her gut and love handles hang out (well I'm sure there are less attractive things but you get what I'm going for)

    • Very good advice thanks. I guess even though I'm mostly happy and accpeting of myself maybe there is still some insecurity there and that must come through...really I should just say "im just me" rather than "chubby me" lol! and I agree about the handles, I dress appropriately for sure!

  • I will preface this by stating that my ideal is naturally skinny.

    As for a girl who is skinny but kills herself to do it vs a girl who is fit but chubby, chubby is the obvious winner:

    -I don't want to constantly feel guilty for eating a lot and staying thin.

    -Have you seen some of the healthy thicker girls? When they carry themselves right, they're gorgeous. It's about seeming light, rather than seeming like walking and moving are a hassle.

    -Actually, then there are redheads with this body type, and that's even better.

    Yeah, the thing about weight is that as long as you're within bounds, weight is off the table. And the good news is that we're finding that men's preferences are fairly lenient. Most of the obsessive body imagery comes from the media, which doesn't reflect men's ideals, but fashion ideals.

  • Think of it this way. Both Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are hated because they attract so many guys, they are both sluts and go to the gym, yet have different kind of bodies.

    So your body type does not matter, what matter is that you hit the gym, dress well and like sex.

    • Gym, check. Dress well, check. Like sex, check...seems kinda simple to me. Thanks!

  • For the most part all the "i like healthy' is a smokescreen to seem less shallow. people care how you look.

    a lot of guys like a little bit on the thicker side. But they like what they like.

  • Well good news, more guys around your age and older don't let a little chubbiness bother them, if they have a beautiful face and confident personality.

    I think confidence is the key there.

    Being overweight isn't a sign of being unhealthy, it only increases risks of unhealthy conditions occuring, it doesn't mean those conditions are there. But it never ceases to amaze me how many guys actually believe otherwise.

    • Thanks for the reply. Ye I guess it shouldn't matter about size and confidence is the key but easier said than done when in reality guys still sometimes wouldn't date you 'cos you're chubby! (and I do have a pretty face and goo dpersonality etc so its not like I'm horrible to look at lol!). And yes I agree, I can't believe guys can still see a bigger girl and think instantly she's lazy, unhealthy, unfit etc...

    • haha sorry I did not mean to suggest you have an ugly face - that's me lol.

      Confidence builds from experience and action, just thinking on it is not enough. Baby steps can build it up.

      Yep, my ex is a nurse, she told me you would be shocked to hear how many thin guys admitted for high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes, absolutely could not even conceive it was possible they got those conditions, since in their words "I'm not a fat slob, I can't get that!"

  • The only chubby girls that are fit and healthy I know of are the bodybuilder types that are in the bulking phase. Most of these girls are lesbians so yah.

    Can you be chubby fit and healthy? nope.

    Can you be chubby and healthy? yes.

  • I like girls with some meat on them. The ones that are too skinny don't appeal to me. I like girls who have my thickness :)

  • It really depend girl to girl, but if you are actually healthy then I'd probably be good with that.

  • I dated a girl like that, and she was incredible.

  • i like some extra meat on a girl but most of my friends like slim girls.

  • Nothing wrong with having a few extra pounds. Curvy girls are hot.


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  • Its pretty rare to find girls that are "chubby" but fit and healthy- it just doesn't happen.

    What I think you mean, is a girl who is a thicker build but still in shape and healthy.

    I think that the reason guys pass you up as less to do with your body type and more to do with your attitude. When we look for partners, we want the whole package- looks AND personality. For some guys you may have one and not the other- you may be physically what they want but they don't like your attitude or they may dig your personality and not be into your body.

    Try accepting yourself for you and stop assuming that its totally because of your body. I know guys who are into chicks way way way bigger than you or I. Your body isn't the problem.

  • Most aren't fit and healthy, although every overweight person on the internet claims to be so

    And yes, the slim attractive girls will always be preferred over the chubby girl, simply because thin appears healthier, despite the fact that they may not be

    And since we don't walk around with signs saying "I'm chubby and go to the gym" guys don't really care about that nonsense. Now if he's a health nut, he might, but the average guy isn't in shape

  • Some guys will date skinny girls, even if she is unhealthy. This is a big cop out that SOME guys use when they say, "I want to date someone healthy/active/interested in my lifestyle." If they guy isn't a genuine gym rat/vegan/clean eater and just an average joe, especially. I have friends who are a bit "chubby" and do marathons and skinny friends who smoke and alternate between crash dieting and eating fast food for every meal.

    Most guys are flexible on weight, as long as you still have a figure. Want a super fit/popular/good looking guy? That takes more work, as there is ample competition.

    Want a regular guy who lives moderately well, but also has a bit of a spare tire ... other than the double standards types I mentioned above? They are out there, everywhere.

    Also, don't automatically use the stereotype that all thin/fit women are miserable bitches. Some women derive great pleasure out of dieting and exercising and being at their physical peak. Some don't. Trying to push everyone into a stereotype, whether it's about fat or thin people, isn't very nice and makes you seem catty and mean. Just accept that different people go for different things, instead of trying to run down the thin girls. I wish I could be one too ... but then again, I don't really feel like putting in the effort. I gave up on the six pack abbed guys, more than happily, to be able to live the way that feels natural to me.