Another Brooks Brothers outfit.....What do the Style conscous women think of this?

When you comment on this outfit, notice the Brooks Bros. write in on the page below the outfit...

Comments anybody ?

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  • Its always good to chat with guys who actually appreciate classy styles. I agreed, I am not the most fashionable lady. However, it is ashamed how many (male and female) dress nowadays. The lost of classy look.

    now more trashy some sloppy with whatever goes. too bad. especially, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to dress decent. just from observation.

    • Even more sad...most contemporary men would not recognize true style / class clothing if it hit them in the face


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What Girls Said 2

  • I like the dress, would look good in most body type. Jacket/blazer harder to pull off. Model is beautiful, hair hummm can be done better if lower to back.

    I like some stuff from B.B.

  • Oooh, cute, like the blazer, the dress matching also contrasts very well while typically it'd be too matchy-matchy... I love it. It's simple yet sophisticated while the cut of the blazer ties the whole outfit together giving it some flare... I'd wear it any day! BEAUTIFUL!

    • This comment is for all three of you that answered "babe204", "3336p" and "7gnat"...My office in San clemente CA, see some really Tacky S#$%^ in dress, even though we are in a big $$ city...15 year old girls come in with shorts, cut off up to their Ass...WITH THIER PARENTS..Yesterday TWO ...Young women, both 15, came in dressed fit to DRESSES, REAL shoes...leather heels on one...Belted dresses...I flipped out. Maybe there iws a GOD ! Thanks to you three !

What Guys Said 1

  • It is beautiful and something that Burberrys or Christian Dior would normally make.