Is there any meaning behind this look or I'm just imagining things?

So yesterday I was talking to this girl. We know each other a bit and we joke quite a bit. So we were just talking and I gave her a compliment and she said "that's very nice" and she looked into my eyes with this subtle smile until I felt she was looking way too hard and got this "funny" but nice feeling at the same time. She is cute but I never thought of her as dating material or anything but now I wonder if I should. Could there be something here? Girls usually get this playful attitude and like to tease me and give me a hard time all the time, but she is actually nice, so its refreshing..


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  • She might be interested or she might just be being nice. Giv e it some time before you confirm. Also if she held the stare longer than normal its a sign she may be interested

    • I know I should wait. It was a "nice" look and the smile was awesome and after dealing with difficult girls, it was a nice change

What Guys Said 1

  • Best advice I could give you is to keep it casual, don't do too much too quickly if you are interested in this girl. Keep talking and having fun, look for more signals thrown your way and feel free to send some out yourself