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The other day during a lesson I glanced over to my crush and we made eye contact. I glanced away, but a couple minutes later glanced back and we made eye contact again. It happened like four or five times, I was like "ack!"

Anyways, I'm afraid I might have creeped her out a little bit... I sure hope not, though. So would you have been creeped out?

Another possibility I thought of is... she caught me because I caught her? idk... which of these two is more likely?


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  • She's going to look for signs in your body language to see if you like her, one thing she might be thinking is you possibly fancy her. Frequent eye contact would not freak her, unless you have a stone face. The same thing happened to me today a guy kept glancing over at me, I was flattered because I liked him. Anways girls like the attention. So don't be ashamed she caught you, that's a good thing not a creepy thing. Also think about this, she couldn't have noticed you looking at her unless she was looking at you to. :)


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  • She may be guessing that you could be into her. Girls are observant and she may now watch you for any signs that you could be into her. She may like you or she may just want to know if you like her. She's probably just confused right now. I don't think you creeped her out unless you look like a stalker haha. Watch if she continues to make eye contact with you when you look at her. If she's not into you, once she is pretty sure you like her, she's going to avoid eye contact most likely. If you try to hold eye contact with her and she holds it back more than once, she could like you.

  • I think it is a 50:50 shot you can't really guess because it honestly could be either. Maybe she had no feelings for you and now that she saw you looking at her she may be seeing you in a different way. Next time don't look away fast try to keep her eyes on you and smile for a second and than look away. If you would have done this the first time she probably would not have been creeped out.I think the best way to handle this is to put yourself in here shoes. If you caught a girl looking at you would you be creeped out? If somebody liked you would you want them to say something to you?You may feel nervous talking to her but its better to get shot down than to think back and wonder what would have came from you two.She may have feelings for you. You will never know if you don't talk to her. Hope this helped. You should go answer a question of mine.:)

    • Ok thanks. I did actually smile once lol. I will look at your questions :)

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