Do you think she is creepy, Girlfriend material or?

Last year we were at a different school this year we are at the same school one more time -.-. This girl was showing interest daily (a lot of creepy things as well). So I thought I was over with her when she never accept my request but apparently she wanted a reaction from me in RL. I did like her but not anymore and don't want to see her at all. anyway now I saw her early today, in her car I was like sh!t and she was looking at me I didn't look. I just came back from the mall, and I saw her, she works there and she was making herself noticeable at the cash register. I wanna forget about her and want NOT to see her, she seems like a stalker-type

btw I'm 18


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  • Creepy but she probably doesn't know how creepy she is. She wants to be noticed and would probably tone down her actions if you gave her the light of day.

    I don't know why she would be girlfriend material.

    I think you just have to tell her or just keep ignoring her but that doesn't mean she's going to stop. Sounds like she's obsessively crushing on you.


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  • Now what is your question exactly? We can't know if she's gfmaterial since most guys don't have the same type. If you don't feel she's gfmaterial (which I don't think you do since you have to ask), then don't go out.


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  • Hard to say if she is girlfriend material, as I don't know her, and you don't' seem to know her either. I think she doesn't know how she comes across, and want's to be noticed.