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What is your favorite clothing style?

What is your favorite clothing style? Or do you just chose your clothes randomly and according to the situation?

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  • I'm really into this Asian styled clothing link link link And nice jeans, plain tshirt, or plaid shirts, or long sleeved henly/vnecks, hoodies.

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  • I'd describe my style as feminine yet sexy and fresh. I don't have a vintage style at all. I like wearing skinny jeans and cute tops during the day and at night I'll get into my sexy dresses.

  • I love to look gaudy and tacky.I love sequins...rhinestone...glitter on clothing.I love crazy prints and colors on my clothes.I am a big fan on 80's and 90's inspired looks. Bandeaus..leggings...high lows...huge belts...mesh tops...body con anything lol.When it comes to casual wear I wear drappy clothing. Nothing better than a 4x tee shirt and sweats.

  • link All of her outfits would be my style ,

  • I prefer the long dresses or the long skirts, like those:- link - link But sometimes I need to wear jeans, I mean when the situation doesn't allow me to wear a dress or a long skirt, or when it's cold in winter, so I wear like this:- link - link

    • those dresses are really pretty! :)

    • Yup, I always think that the long dresses with some flowers are very feminine and pretty. :D

  • my style is edgy/glam rocker/80's style. But I do have a sweet side to me and I do actually have flowery dresses and some baby pink clothing

  • I like casual cloths link ... but my style has been evolving since ever...

  • I wear skinnies and T shirts most of the time. But I absolutely love dresses and heels.

    • Love this!

  • link This is like my style, minus the hat. I'm never a fan of hats. Lol.I enjoy wearing a nice fitting shirt, or fancy blouse like that, with jeans that are close fitting and not baggy in any way..