How can I look less innocent?

I'd like to go from "cute and innocent" looking to one of the hot girls. How do I do that? Please don't bother telling me how I should stay the same, I've made up my mind. I have a few ideas, like wear a little more makeup and change my style of dressing but I'd like all the input I can get. I'm getting older now and I'm over looking all sweet and friendly like I'm a little kid, it's time to be grown and sexy ;)

I find the sweet and innocent look to be very childish, it doesn't appeal to me anymore. You know how some of the tumblr girls are hot? I wanna be like that.


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  • I am more attracted to the innocent but sublty sexy look.

    But since you asked,

    wear more makeup, thicker eye shadow,

    tighter clothes,

    show more skin,

    talk louder,

    be more foreward,

    have more confidence,

    make more eye contact,

    stand up straighter,

    stick your chest out a little,

    put a bit of swing in your hips,

    move slower,

    wear something red,

    work out and tone up.


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  • Socialize more, specially outside your social circles.

    Sophisticated sexy does it for me so all I could think of there is high heels and dresses that are tight in the right areas. Keep your makeup very natural but be good at it.

    Take care of your body and your hair. Girls having developed their own sense of what's good for their hair and started to make up own techniques always seem to have amazing hair.

    Best of luck, hope a pointer or two got your attention.

  • Eyeliners works great! Try dressing in darker colors too, but be open at the same time (like, don't cross your arms, and talk assertively). Also you can glare with your eyes once in a while. It might look a little little bit scary, but definitely not innocent.

  • dress more revealing and show more skin. I know you wanna look hot but just to let you know, I love the cute and sweet looking girls the most.

  • a girl with a sweet innocent face and a banging body = marry me pls ;)


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  • yeah, sounds about right. more makeup, not necessarily skimpy clothes, but clothes that fit your body really well. instead of baggy shirts and gym shorts, you could try a tank top and jean shorts. something hugging your body more to show your figure, but without looking slutty. you could also style your hair more. like straighten it some days, or even curl it. however, keep in mind that a lot of guys like the sweet and innocent look. so in a way, you already are grown and sexy. good luck :)

  • you can be sexy an not be half nakie just wear a style that suits an make sure your clothes have a tailored fit. for make up you can make it look natural but with more contouring but if you want to loker sexier change your hair! hair syle is huge! pick a great color or a bold cut, I went though teh same thing an I cut it into a short sexy a line layered bob an I got a lot of attention, when I grew it out I dyed it red!

  • don't bother trying to be something you are not it never works the way you want it to. personally I'm OK with being the cute one! <3

  • Show more skin...

  • Apply make up and become natural looking girl. Use powder or a light foundation. Choose earthly or natural tones for your eye shadow, which include mocha, brown, copper and more. Apply several coats of mascara and curl your eyelashes. For more dramatic effect, use black eyeliner. Apply a small amount of pinkish color of blush and a pink lipstick.