Do girls shape permanent opinions about a boy's appearance?

I had to cut my hair today. I'm not quite the long-hair fan, so I decided to give the buzz cut a try - it serves me a lot since I'm a kickboxer. Anyway, I had tried the scale just above it before, and it was successful. But since I like experimenting with my hair, I decided to get the original buzz cut. So I did.

I don't know how satisfied I am. The hairdresser (female) told me that it suits me well because I have a well-rounded head, but it just feels so...awkward! Anyway, I know this is a huge display of confidence down the drain, but I am insecure about my looks. My female friends tell me that I am handsome (actually, the cute handsome kind because I have a younger-looking face) but I'm afraid that a botched haircut will have a negative impact. And I'm particurarly worried about Uni, since we just started and I don't want to make a bad impression, especially since there are a couple of girls that I have flirted with and waiting for something to happen.

So, do you think that if these girls thought I was nice, yet they don't like the haircut, they could be totally turned off? Or are you girls forgiving in these matters? Thank you!


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  • If you're confident enough to go up to a girl and talk to her she will soon get over the haircut. I have no idea what it looks like but looks are not everything and if you're handsome otherwise it won't be that bad. And a lot of girls will give you credit for trying something new, rather than sticking with the same old haircut! :) give it a few days for you to get used to the new style and then you'll be a lot happier too, girls sense that kind of thing!

    Hope it helped :)


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  • If a girl finds you attractive she will forgive your small physical appearence mistakes. If she crushes on you you can go bald and she'll probably find a way to justify it and find it cute. However if its a new girl you're meeting she will judge based on that. However we aren't that harsh of critics of appearence believe it or not. We know not everyone looks like brad pitt. there's a reason girls are attracted to guys like ryan gosling... its how you carry yourself!

  • I wouldn't really care. If it was bad I know that it won't stay that length forever anyway.


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