Guys: Which do you prefer?

A girl with makeup or just natural beauty?

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  • like the last girl wrote, in-between - meaning a little make-up. ya so many guys say that they want no make-up but how many girls have they seen with no make-up? there are very very few who look good with absolutely no make-up - let alone wear none - so they should just admit that they like a little make-up on most girls but like it so it LOOKS like they're wearing none or hardly any.

    • But too be fair that isn't an option.

    • ...which is why I wrote it.

    • Oh, I know, and I get where you are coming from, I'm just saying the guys that pick none, what they are meaning probably is the natural look, and in a lot of cases actually, I don't think they even really realize that girls are wearing makeup then. Sorry I can be confusing sometimes. ;)


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  • I think girls do really look best natural but for some cases a light make-up can look good too. it's not about what you have in your face and how much of it, it's how honest you are. like it or not but many guys like a girl to be gentle with her make-up, make it look natural. and I know how girls look without make-up, I have actually helped some girls with theirs or if you want they learned me more about it since I was curious.

    but what about those pretty girls in movies and those hot pictures? yes... those are hot but desire can be so much more than just pure optic attraction, especially if the girl you fancy is not... just a poster on your wall^^

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. to me honesty and self consciousness are more beautiful than make-up can ever be.

  • natural


What Girls Said 3

  • This is what I do not get when it comes to guys, most say they prefer natural but then the natural look does take ages to achieve. If they mean bare-faced then tbh I think that's BS.

  • there are SOOOO many of these polls, guys obviously prefer 'natural' beauties based on what I've read in this forum.

  • I'm sure it may be a mixture of both.