Why do I look Asian- I am black?

i don't know but I did the my heritage face recognition to find my look alike and all my results were Asian. I am black but with more of a copper color complexion. when I straightened my hair and color it black people keep asking me if I was mixed with Chinese . When I see myself I only see a lite skinned black girl and oh yea if I wear weave people think I am Indian. weird.

The perfect description of how I look naturally Pocahontas the cartoon character here link
lol probably that's why I attract so many races. hahahahaha


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  • It could be a few reasons:

    You may have distant Asian or native American ancestry.these ethnic genes are strong and can show up even several generations after the last ancestor. My grandmother was either 1/4 or 1/8 native, but had a lot of the features, and people sometimes ask me if I am blasian. I am mostly black, but I got those throw back genes

    Or you are taking after certain African ancestry.some Africans have an epicanthic fold and have an Asian look to them even though they are full African.think certain ethnic groups like I believe they are called the San, or the khoi khoi. If I remember correctly, Nelson Mandela is one of them and he has those kind of eyes.

    some Asians have features typical of blacks anyway like eye shape, nose (yes some Asians have flat wide set noses), high cheekbones, full lips


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  • your blackinese :D

  • Many if not all Asians, have natural black hair

  • Some people are hard to pin down ethnically. A lot of girls look mixed. I once dated an Mexican chick that looked asian. Go figure.

    • lol

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    • i am 6ft. I use to model anyway but I am not skinny and straight like those girls. I have boobs and hips

    • Nothing wrong with some curves. You sound like you have a very flattering figure. Just find some tall guy that doesn't mind the fact that you're a lady blessed with height. :)

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  • I have a cousin, (we are latin) I tell him "it looks like your mom was Chinese and your dad was black" hahahah and he gets mad but it's funny. Anyway, I think it's a sweet look! the eyes, and the color. Some people say I look Asian too, but I don't see it. In high school, they would call me "japanese animation chick"! ha ha I don't get offended, it's fun!

    • lol I don't get offended but I was wondering if I really look Asian to these people.

    • You probably confuse them, and leave them wondering what race you are if they don't ask. lol

  • That face recognition thing isn't very reliable or accurate lol. I did that and I'm black/asian and I get Caucasian results. I don't look white at all. My friend is black and she looks like she could pass for black/asian like me but she isn't of Asian descent. Turns out that she has some native American heritage. Maybe you do too possibly? There are also some African ethnic groups that have high cheekbones, epicanthic folds, and such that are common Asian features, People think that all of the races have completely distinct features but actually there is actually a lot overlap when it comes to features.

    • Well I do have very high cheek bones and a symmetrical face

    • I'm sure you're beautiful. Racially ambiguous people usually look amazing!

    • Thank you. So they say :P