Do looks really fade away through age?

People often say about other people in high school, college or their 20's, that looks aren't important because in 20 years, they're just going to fade away.

First of all, 20 or 30 years is a long time.

I know people in their 50's and 60's who look just as good as people in their 20's. I know a 70 year old guy who looks VERY good, and not just for his age.

You can look good through age. You just can't be lazy. If you go the gym, eat healthy, dress well and use a few cosmetics, you can look great at 50 or 60.

This is just used by people in their 20's who are in bad physical shape or feel insecure about their looks to justify the fact that there are people their age more successful in dating than they are.


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  • It's definitely not a given that you will lose your looks when you age.

    Like you said, people simply can't be lazy on upkeeping themselves.

    One with little to no upkeep may look good NOW, but in their 30s, their looks will fade if no effort is done to maintain oneself.


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  • looks don't fade. its just the aging process gets the best of us all. nobody can prevent grey hairs, wrinkles, sagging, etc as we age

  • Some people's more than others.

    It's partially genetic and more importantly, lifestyle. No execise, bad dietary habits, dehydration, drug and alcohol abuse, smoking and sun damage will make a person look awful as they age.

    But comparing a 21 year old who shovels McD in their bodies and watches Teen Mom/plays video games all day to a 40 year old who is fit and active ... most people would say the older person who takes care of themself looks better.


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  • Well I don't know , but I guess that the average person will look like sh*t in comparison to what he/she looked on their 20's .

    Ofc if you watch out and take care of your self there will come a day that you will look good and most of the people that are on the same age as you won't really look that good :P

  • most of the women I know back in high school most of them I see on Facebook and ask myself what happened?

    Only one girl I know who had a child and she still looks the same as she did in HS her skin is so smooth.

  • It's usually women who get worse looking with age.