What kind of girls do Asian guys like?

I thought they liked thin girls? Or at least girls who are in shape?

I went to this restaurant where the entire staff was Asian. And I walk in, and one of the guys there kept staring at me. so I feel kind of weird because I don't like being stared at so when this one girl took my order, my voice got soft and I kept looking down. Then I see one of the girl employees that is standing next to him nudged him and told him something and they started giggling and he's like "umm. I like that style" and he just looked down and started blushing.

Idk it was strange. I'm not in shape. I'm chubby and pretty short so I thought they didn't like girls like me. in middle school, I used to hang out with only Asians and they all seemed to like thin girls.

So idk. What type of girls do they like? is the body the most important? Or having a pretty face matter most?


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  • There are billions of Asian people, with a vast variety of preferences. Some may like thin girls, some may like chubbier girls, some may not like girls at all. If a guy seems to like you, then he probably likes you, regardless of what type you think his race is supposed to like.


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  • we like all types of girls just like every other guy. individual preference but otherwise all types.


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  • What kind of girls do Caucasian guys like?


    Reapply this theory to your question :D