Do guys think this is fat/unattractive?

I'm 5'6", and weigh about 135 (or a little more, if I weigh myself at night) .. I'm a white girl, and I have an ass. and boobs. but my stomachs also not flat and my thighs do touch. I've always wondered if that was really gross to the opposite gender?

if it matters I'm blonde with green eyes and pale. (i go in the sun but I don't seem to tan no matter what I do.)


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  • Each person has their own opinion. In the land of make believe (tv, mags, etc), yes it probably is gross. But, in the REAL world, that is beautiful. Some guys (shallow) only look at physical traits, others look at personality, others want a combo. If you feel comfortable with yourself, then be proud, if not, change until you feel comfortable.

    If you feel comfortable the way you are, great! If you don't, then do something about it. But don't let other negativity bog you down.

    Most of people's thoughts, such as yourself, is negative self thought/speak. I am guilty of this, too. This is because of what we hear, see, or read. We are bombarded with bad/negative things 100-to-1 compared to good/positive things.

    One thing I do to help my self-perception /esteem is (gonna sound crazy) a technique called positive self-talk. This is where you say only positive, present tense things about yourself, whether or not they are true today. This is primarily done with things that you want to improve. (Ex. If you wanna see yourself as being an attractive person, say something to this effect: I am an attractive, outgoing, __(insert your own positive thought)___, person.) Do this wherever you are, but give time to yourself and do this looking at yourself in the mirror. Google either: positive self talk or positive self thinking.

    This has opened up my personality 10 fold. It releases the self doubt you have in you mind. It transfers negative thought (energy) into positive.

    I hope this helps!


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  • You should look how you want to look not how other people want you to look. I'm sure there is plenty of guys out there perfect for you.

    To answer your question, Nope not at all sounds normal to me.

  • Heck no, flaunt it baby, flaunt it.

  • I do not think that is unattractive. Personally I like a plump girl. But that is because usually they feel unattractive and they make up for it by having a great personality, which really draws me to them.

  • You're weight and your height are a good combination. You have a healthy weight for your height and that's what matters. But asking if guys like that is like asking if guys like watermelon. Some guys do and some don't. Some guys like the skinny girls you see on TV all the time, sadly in my opinion. Other guys like girls that are very heavy. Some guys like short girls and other's like tall girls. And there are guys who like girls in the middle both ways. As long as you're healthy you're find a guy who will like you. What matters the most is if you have confidence in yourself. Don't buy into all the stupid media bull about guys only likely the skinny girl. That's about as useful as strayer to carry water. So throw it out the window. Be happy with yourself, make sure you're healthy, and be confident.

    I personally prefer a woman with some extra weight. In fact you're weight with your height would most likely fit perfectly with what I like. But my opinion shouldn't matter. It's my opinion. If I didn't like your weight/height combo then I would obviously not be the guy for you.


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  • I guess it depends on how you're built. Me for example, I weigh 131 and 5'6 like you but I have tiny boobs LOL and barley an ass and everyone tells me to gain a few pounds because I look "too thin" which to me sounds ridiculous, ya know because 131 is normal. It's all about how you are built and how the weight is proportioned. You sound fine to me, not fat at all.