Why can't I accept how I look and why can't I get abs?.

(My question is 100% serious, I am not trolling) I am 5'5, 120 lbs roughly. I have a flat stomach and I am fairly fit. I have been trying to get abs for a year now and it won't happen for me. the only time I am even okay with looking at my stomach is when I Haven't eaten in a day or so or have eaten less than a meal. I generally eat everyday but I feel disgusting most of the time. my ribs are not at all sticking out or anything like that and I eat quite well. why can't I accept how I look and why can't I get abs? do I have a problem mentally? help...


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  • Some people can't get abs. Just how there body works. I've done a lot of sports where you have to cut weight. Like wrestling and BJJ. I know guys who are in amazing shape but will never get a six pack even if they cut 25 plus pounds. It's just the way there body is. Some people have them naturally. I still have a six pack when I haven't trained in months and when I do train I get an eight pack. But, that's my body and it just happens.

    All that being said you might just want to step up the training if abs are that important to you. Join a kick boxing class. I mean a good one too, they do CRAZY core work outs. When you do sit ups grab 10 - 25 ibs and do sit ups with tho's on you're chest. Start doing invited sit ups. Try short crunches instead of full sit ups.


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  • You have to train harder. Start running and start doing weight training types of ab exercises.

    I don't think you have a problem but to be honest abbs are REALLY not that important to in a woman to me Nor other guys... You being fit is enough I don't need muscular stomach.

    Its more about what you want but be happy and be realistic. If your fit be happy for that and know that some people are not fit.

    • but it won't even tone well at all. should I take protein shakes or something?

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    • run for 30 min on the tredmill 3+ times a week, insanity workout once a week, 30 crunches per day, one min plank a day, 100 jumping jacks per day, 50 oblique crunches, sometimes more.

    • 30 crunches alone is not a lot. You need to start doing sets with weighted exercises.

      link decline weighted sit ups. 3sets of 30 using 20lbs. deeper range of motion.

      link then these 3 sets of 40.

      Add this on a seperate work out day with everything your doing.

  • Who says you need to have abs? Many guys don't even like that look (if that matters to you). It sounds like you're at a healthy, attractive weight for your height, and if you're healthy and fit, that's plenty.

    Most women who have abs have them as a result of their profession; either they're an athlete or a fitness trainer or something similar, where their job pays them to be in the gym several hours a day, everyday. Most "normal" people simply can't spend that much time and energy to build up their body, but for normal people that isn't necessary either. Having abs is kind of a specialty thing, not something that everyone needs to have. You're just fine the way you are; don't be so hard on yourself.

    • by abs I mean toned and slight definition link

  • abs are 80% diet

    and 20% exercise

    having the wrong diet will cause your body to stave itself and go into starvation mode

    So you have to get your nutrition right or macros right consult with nutritionist or dietitian

  • You suffer a form of anorexia and you should consider counseling


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  • You definitely aren't overweight by any means.

    Add more protein to your diet, don't skip meals or try to starve yourself

    Try different types of exercises to build the muscle. The abdominal area is the hardest to work and to see the benefits from.

    Most people do not have perfect abs, especially women. Be realistic.

    I would also talk to someone. Make sure you are mentally sound before judging how your body looks and how it makes you feel. If you can't be happy with who you are today, you aren't going to be happy with who you are tomorrow, know matter what kind of body you have.

  • you're not working hard enough. cut sugar out of your diet (only natural sugar-from whole foods allowed) and all other junk (if your pack of raisins says ''50% raisins''-not good. go for natural),but eat enough calories,add more protein and fiber to your diet.

    as for working out,100 jumping jacks is really nothing,same goes for the crunches-i mean,that's my warm up's warm up. if you have the cash,get a trainer,or just educate yourself on what you need to do,but all in all-you don't have much weight to lose,it's mainly about muscle weight replacing the fat weight.

    i don't really have a trainer,so I just do what works for me (my abs are my pride and joy)i do at least 200-300 situps a day,100-200 squats,1/2-1 hour of hula hooping (don't have anywhere to run),and I just spread out jumping jacks/jumping exercises throughout the day in sets of 100,i climb stairs for 28 flights of stairs two stairs at a time,and I do yoga twice a day (the advanced poses will kick your abs in gear) and that's not counting having to go to school with a ridiculous amount of stairs,plus walking to/from school 1h a day.

  • If you want abs, that is easy. But, I think you might want to consider addressing what seems like body dysmorphic disorder. I went through something very similar when I was younger.

    I respect and encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, whereby you eat healthily and you exercise regularly. But, your food guilt is concerning. Your self-worth should not come from how flat your stomach is.