Is "Vintage" in? Apparently it is!

I was in orchestra practice last week and at the end of the night, one of the violaists who I sort of talk to but not TALK to came up to me and said I like your jacket. I told her it's from the 1970's and that my dad owned it. It was originally dark brown leather but now it's faded into a light brown leather with some of the dark still left over.

She told me that she works in fashion and vintage clothing and that it's very in right now

I could care less since I'm not a fashionable guy buttt it kind of got me thinking, is it really "in" or was she just joshing me in order to make some money, haha


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  • Vintage and vintage inspired clothing is everywhere. I can't go shopping with my mom without her pointing out something that was in style when she was young. It's a bit crazy.


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