Contact lenses

Does anyone have problems with em? More specifically, do they feel dry or like you need to close them for a minute so that you don't start tearing up? like on the bus in the morning or when there's the AC going on... it wasn't like this before, but its starting a lot nowadays...

Could it be the transitioning from hot to cold and back environment? what's the deal ... its really annoying because it happens every day


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  • Your eyes are probably just dry, it could be any number of things. It happens to me sometimes too. Try not wearing them for a few day, let them sit in some solution, they might just be a little dirty and that's irritating your eyes. You could also get some eye drops if they feel scratchy.

    I have to ask though, is it both eyes or just one? Sometimes a sign of an eye infection is dry, itchy or super watery eyes.


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  • I have disposable ones, and even though you aren't supposed to sleep with them i can sleep with them for a week and then i have to change them. It doesn't hurt my eyes or anything and it comes out so easily, i think it just depends on if your eyes are always dry or wet :)

  • It usually means you have dry eyes. Try using some eye drops. My contacts really bother me during allergy season. Also, if I am in the car with the heat or ac blowing in my face they bother too because the air is drying your contacts/eyes.


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