Is it normal for guys to be self concious?

I am a male 5 10 and pack around 180-185. I feel like I've gained tons of weight and I just look girlfriend thinks I look good but seriously I feel so bad about myself.


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  • It's normal for everyone to be self conscious. You sound fine. And if your girlfriend says so then she probably means it. My boyfriend has similar height/weight and says the same thing all the time, that he feels like he's fat and has gained weight, etc. I always tell him how sexy and handsome he is to me because I really mean it.


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  • Everyone gets self conscious. The trick is to DO something about it. Start making yourself feel better, or it's only going to get worse from here.


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  • 5 10 180 isn't bad at all m8 girls ussually like guys that are bigger rather than skinnier anyways, if you're unhappy with your build tho you can always go to the gym and work on it. You'll find that once you start you'll get hooked and get your body to a point where you want it to be at in no time.

    • now I just need some more motivation and it will be good, haha