Should drop it or take a chance?

This cute girl in one of my classes sits in the row directly in front of me and although I'm pretty focused in there I caught what I think are "come talk to me" signs which are nothing more than looks here and there and she once gave me a "sexy look" after I dropped my pen near her and asked her to get it for me, that was the point where I said I'd talk to her but right after she just put her head on the desk and looked to be asleep until class ended. That was a complete turn off but she's really cute and I want to give her the benefit of the doubt but unfortunately its the same old song with her, missing classes etc. but other than that I love her fashion sense and bubbly personality but education is really important to me and it doesn't seem like she feels the same...Should I drop it or go for it or what?


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  • Always take a chance. What's the worst that can happen? Get to know her. Maybe she'll disappoint you, in which case, you aren't any worse off. Or maybe she'll make you into a better, fuller person, and that's always worth the risk.

  • Get to know her. Go you to her after class and start a convo. You can make a joke about the class just as an opener. You don't have to "go for her." She could just make a good friend. If you feel more interested after getting to know her you can make a further move


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